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Resize Image After Upload

Automatically resize your images after uploading using this plugin. Specify height&width, the plugin will do the rest quickly and transparently.
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A free, fast, easy to use, stable and frequently updated plugin to resize your images after upload. Supported by the friendly team that created ShortPixel 🙂

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Thanks for fixing the big images issue

By roicecz on September 15, 2023

Unfortunately, Wordpress administrators do not deal with this at all, and all it takes is one careless editor and the administrator has a lot to do for many hours. With this plugin, servers are no longer filled with unnecessary giant images that are ultimately useless and just lie dead on the server and take up space. Lots of space.

There is no better image plugin than this one

By Alexander (aivanov12) on November 1, 2022

There is no better image plugin than this one! Thank you very much to his team!

Excellent work

By syhussaini on September 26, 2021

Works as advertised. Now posting using a mobile is a breeze. No longer need to worry about the hefty images that people may upload when posting with mobile, especially with mobile photos.

Keeps your media files under control !

By eugene212 on October 12, 2020

Excellent plugin - easy to use (automatically resizes loaded media files to specified parameters), you are in control and don't have to worry/check original file sizes.

Perfect and Effective!

By dviolante on October 11, 2020

Perfect plugin for sites where customers uploads their own images and dont have knowledge or software resources for image editing.

Perfect plugin for my need

By siamnaulak on September 22, 2020

Thank you so much, this is so useful...

Perfect for people who don't have photo editing skills

By jeeni on April 3, 2020

This plugin is great - thank you! Some of my clients are not technically savvy, nor do they own photo editing software so this is a great for them ...and for me - because their accounts are not bloating on my VPS, where space is at a premium. Bye-bye to 5-6 MB image uploads. I can now set the image width/height and image quality to allow me to shoot for 200-400 kb per image. Sharing details to help others make an informed decision. Thank you again, ShortPixel!

You rock

By papacoderrs on December 16, 2019

Just saved me a whole lot of coding. Thank you so so much!

simple and effective

By Seri İlanlar (aramadur) on August 1, 2019

Thank you for this great plugin.

Must have!

By gd6d on July 23, 2019

Simple. Just few settings but works fine. I recommand!

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