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Spin up a WordPress sandbox in less than a second

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InstaWP - Supercharge your WordPress development workflow in seconds | Product Hunt InstaWP - Supercharge your WordPress development workflow in seconds | Product Hunt InstaWP - Supercharge your WordPress development workflow in seconds | Product Hunt

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10,000+ freelancers, agencies & companies use InstaWP

InstaWP has been an invaluable tool for support and QA testing for our work on Google’s Site Kit and Web Stories plugins, allowing us to quickly and easily spin up new sites to test a wide variety of scenarios.

Bethany Chobanian Lang

Community Lead, 10up


Works perfectly for everyone!

InstaWP caters to a variety of use cases. Few examples are shown here.

For Designers

If you are a WordPress designer, InstaWP can be your daily driver and save you countless hours.

Create seperate WordPress instances for each client.

Setup a starter template for various client types.

Test a WordPress plugin or theme quickly using our Chrome ext.

For Developers

InstaWP comes with powerful developer friendly tools to develop plugins, themes or anything WP.

Connect your Git repositories for easy testing

Showcase your products using WordPress sandbox

Run WP CLI commands, composer etc via 1-click SSH

For Agencies

Work collaboratively with your team and invite contractors as per need.

Map custom domain to client sites for showcase

Tag sites for easy search & filter.

Migrate to any hosting provider when you are done!

For Enterprises

Complex workflow needs robust solutions. Our enterprise offering can reduce your WP overhead by half.

Whitelabel the complete experience using custom suffix domains.

Dedicated servers for your websites. EU region support available.

Completely tailored made plans and server configs.

Try out InstaWP without even
creating an account.


Hear what our clients say

thousands of customers are using InstaWP as their WordPress sandbox

Rogier Lankhorst

Founder, Really Simple SSL

“Really Simple SSL needed a specific set-up for multisite so we could run proper tests between different PHP versions and plugin configurations. InstaWP is the fastest way of running user tests across the board.”

Lesley Sim

Founder, NewsletterGlue.com

“InstaWP looks awesome and that worked crazy fast, like magic!”


Marketer, Ladomery

“Vikas, InstaWP is super useful and so polished. It’s such a joy to use!”

Max Ziebell

Web Designer

“I absolutely love InstaWP! It has completely changed the way I develop and design WordPress sites.”


Founder, Iconic Templates

“InstaWP has been fantastic with customer support and an invaluable added bonus to our template shop iconictemplates.com..”

Chris Lubkert


“InstaWP is a super easy way to spin up WordPress sites for demos or testing. We use it daily!”

Daniel Schutzsmith

Digital Project Manager

“I’ve been looking for a service where I could start providing a reusable tech stack to begin all of my WordPress projects with and InstaWP has done an amazing job providing that environment. It even spins up faster than any host I’ve ever worked with!”

Dan Stanley

Web Developer

“This tool really enhances my workflow as a WP developer. So fast to spin up a new install and get working.”

We have you covered

Frequently asked questions

InstaWP can create WordPress sites within a second. These are regular WordPress sites in which you can install any plugin, or theme or add content to the site.

A template is a snapshot or blueprint of your WordPress site created on InstaWP. You can create sites or create sandbox using templates.

The lifespan of a site depends on the plan you have with InstaWP. In the free plan, sites have an expiration time of 48 hours, but can be restored once per month. In paid plans, the lifespan of a site can be extended and can be marked to not expire.

Yes, in paid plans, you can mark a site as “reserved” so that it will never expire.

You can create sandboxes using InstaWP, we call them Shared Templates. You can read our guide to learn more on how to create a WordPress sandbox, also see these examples.

Yes, you can test PHP versions for new & existing website, we support PHP versions 5.6, 7.x, 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2.

Yes, you can migrate a site to any hosting provider using a migration plugin or our built-in Migrator tool.

You can use our WordPress staging plugin to create a 1-click staging version of your website.

InstaWP is an excellent solution for designers, developers, agencies, enterprises, and others who are working with WordPress every day. It is meant to become your daily driver and ease up WordPress development workflow.

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