There are only a few services that offer to create online WordPress sandboxes and test sites in a few seconds. One such service is InstaWP, and another name that pops up is TasteWP.
This post will compare the offerings of two major players in this segment – InstaWP & TasteWP.
First, let’s have an overview:
InstaWP is an all-in-one WordPress online development platform offering multiple features. it provides you to create staging sites, also known as dev sites, of your live WordPress sites.
TasteWP focuses primarily on creating test sites for quick testing and playing around with WordPress. Both InstaWP and TasteWP have many similarities. The sites are created within seconds. On TasteWP, you also get the option to install plugins of Inisev, the parent company of TasteWP.
While both services look similar at first glance, InstaWP is quickly innovating in terms of adding new features to appeal to a larger audience of WordPress developers, designers, agencies, and even bloggers and newbies. We will list the features to understand the capabilities better.

Performance Speed Test

We have used the same PHP version (8.0) and WP Version (6.1.1) to test the performance using the default theme and plugins provided by each platform:
Tested on 9th Feb 2023*
Performance Score

More is better

Largest Contentful Paint

Less is better

Structure Score

More is better


“InstaWP has been an invaluable tool for support and QA testing for our work on Google’s Site Kit and Web Stories plugins, allowing us to quickly and easily spin up new sites to test a wide variety of scenarios.”

Bethany Chobanian Lang

Community Lead, 10up


(comparison between “most popular plans”)
Both InstaWP & TasteWP provide free accounts with temporary website support. If you need permanent sites, then you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.
Get access to powerful tools inside your InstaWP account.


1 Site
Only one plan available.


Per Site
Get access to powerful tools inside your InstaWP account.


5 Site


Only one plan available.


Per Site
InstaWP offers powerful features in other plans

Features Comparison

Custom Site Name
In-built Database Editor
In-built Code Editor
View Logs
Export to LocalWP
Map Custom Domain
WP CLI Commands
Third Party integrations
Clone Sites
Save Versions
Public API
Git Integration
Github Actions Support
PHP Configuration
Post-execution Commands
Save As Templates
Template Branding
Instant Templates
Content in Templates
Lead Generation
Lock-down wp-admin
Create Team
Team Members
Whitelabel (private suffix domain)
Enterprise Infrastructure & Plans
Detailed Documentation
Temporary Sites
Permanent Sites
Pre-install plugin/theme
Multiple PHP Versions
Chrome Extension
Social login


If you are just testing a plugin or playing around with WordPress, you can use any of the service. However, InstaWP is on advantage there as it comes with a faster infrastructure and comes without any bloatware.
For more serious use cases, InstaWP will be a great choice as it comes with a fully built development platform and not just a sandbox service. Especially the 1-click WordPress staging plugin and Git Integration.

For Plugin & Theme companies, InstaWP offers a blueprint (a.k.a Templates), which can have pre-installed plugins, themes, AND content, whereas TasteWP’s concept of templates is just pre-installed plugins and themes.

The great news is that both InstaWP & TasteWP offer free plans that can be used to test the systems’ capabilities and choose according to your needs!

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