Sparkitive is a company out of Flintstone, GA, that offers various marketing services, one of which is web development. In today’s case study, we talk with Christina Hooper, the founder and CEO of Sparkitive. She tells us how InstaWP has impacted her business in good ways by optimizing their web development workflow and, as a result, delivering faster and better value to their customers.

About Sparkitive

Christina Hooper calls herself an “Architect of Entrepreneurial Success Stories.” She helps neurodivergent entrepreneurs not only start businesses but also scale them. She has been in entrepreneurship for more than 15 years and has helped hundreds of businesses throughout her career to grow and succeed.

Key services:

  • Fleshing out brand identities of service-based businesses owned by neurodivergent entrepreneurs and simplifying their brand messages
  • Improving lead generation processes and increasing sales as a result
  • Various marketing aspects including online marketing, graphic design, branding, social marketing, inbound marketing, blogging, and email marketing
  • Coaching on content marketing, marketing strategy, and technical consulting.

How did you first become aware of InstaWP?

I was looking for a way to simplify our WordPress website management process, so I used a search engine. I can’t remember the exact terms I used, but InstaWP came up as one of the results. I checked it out, and so now, here we are!

What problem were you trying to solve when you first considered InstaWP?

When my team and I first came across InstaWP, as I mentioned earlier, we were looking for a solution to simplify our WordPress website management process. Setting up new client sites can be time-consuming, and we wanted to streamline that process as much as possible. 

How did you evaluate InstaWP and other options before finally making your purchase decision?

I tried a few different platforms when evaluating options for managing my clients’ WordPress websites. Unfortunately, I encountered many problems with sites having errors, locking up during updates, and poor support from the competitors. 

That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised with InstaWP! Their platform is incredibly stable, and the support is top-notch. Whenever I have a question, or an issue, I know I can count on the InstaWP team to respond quickly and help me resolve it. 

The stability and support made InstaWP the clear choice for me, and I’ve used it ever since with great success.

We use InstaWP to simplify our WordPress website management process. The platform is incredibly stable, and the support is top-notch.

Christina Hooper, Sparkitive

Have you experienced any challenges while using InstaWP and if so, how did you overcome them?

To be honest, I’ve had a very smooth experience with InstaWP. Whenever I’ve had a minor issue or a question, I just reach out to support, and it’s resolved quickly. The InstaWP team is always helpful and responsive, so I have been fine with using the platform. 

How do you use InstaWP daily?

My team uses InstaWP to build sites for our clients. We install plugins for the client to try out, and they can choose which ones they want to retain and remove.

Of course, since we also have certain plugins we like to use when we develop a new site, we love that we can make a template in InstaWP that contains those plugins. That way, we don’t have to manually install everything every time we have a new client.

We also make staging sites so that we’re sure our client’s website is good to go before finally launching it.

What specific features of InstaWP do you find most valuable?

We appreciate the Instant Site Creation – talk about speeding up our workflow. And as I mentioned earlier, we love the templates and the ability to make a Sandbox out of the existing client’s website – and so do our clients. We can experiment as much as we want without worrying about affecting the original site.

How much time do you or your team save daily by using InstaWP?

I have found that we save up to 3 hours (or sometimes even more) per site in our workflow. The pre-configured templates feature of InstaWP is such a time-saver and has made our work so much easier and more efficient – it’s pure gold! We can now quickly create new staging sites with all our favorite settings, plugins, and themes already in place.

Can you share specific results or metrics demonstrating the impact InstaWP has had on your business?

Well, while we don’t have any specific metrics, I can say that InstaWP has had a significant impact on the way we do business. The ability to quickly set up new staging sites has eliminated the hassle of trying to get client logins, deal with hosting complexities, or set up sandbox sites on various hosts and lets us hit the ground running with client projects.

And the pre-configured templates feature? As I mentioned earlier, it saves us several hours per site and has dramatically improved our overall efficiency. 

But most importantly, the speed and ease of getting started with our client projects have greatly impacted our customer relationships. It allows us to build rapport quickly and deliver value from the get-go. 

How do you see InstaWP fitting into your long-term business strategy?

InstaWP is a key part of our long-term business strategy. As we continue to take on new clients and build out their WordPress websites, being able to spin up staging sites with InstaWP quickly will remain a crucial part of our development workflow. 

The platform has proven to be reliable, efficient, and easy to use, making it a no-brainer for us to continue using it in the long term. In fact, I’m confident that InstaWP will continue to play an important role in helping us deliver high-quality websites to our clients, now and in the future!

Would you recommend InstaWP to other businesses, and if so, why?

Absolutely! I recommend InstaWP to other businesses. After all, the platform has streamlined our website development workflow and improved our relationships with our customers as a result.

InstaWP has also removed the hassle of waiting for access and dealing with the complexities of sandbox sites on various hosts and has saved us hours per site we create. The support I get is also excellent –  the InstaWP team quickly responds to my questions.

Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with my experience and highly recommend InstaWP to others.


According to Christina, InstaWP has been a fantastic investment for her business. It has not only made website creation more efficient, but it has also made their relationships with their customers so much better because they give results faster.

She has also found InstaWP to be reliable and easy to use with an easy-to-reach support team. It’s something any agency would appreciate, agree?

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