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WooCommerce Square

Sync inventory and product data between WooCommerce and Square POS. Securely accept payments via the Square payment gateway.
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Sync inventory and product data between WooCommerce and Square POS. Securely accept payments via the Square payment gateway.

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Crash site as soon as products are synchronized

By djimmyl on September 27, 2023

I don't understand this extension.
Every time I activate it, thinking that maybe the bugs have been worked out, my site crashes when the products are synchronized.

Your sales teams want us to do without stripe and use Square alone, but how can I do that if your extension crashes my site every time I use it?

is there another way to synchronize my products with my checkouts?



By dailycastnews on August 20, 2023

Doesn't work with Woocommerce subscription unless you manually create invoices and input each customer manually. What's the use? Square REALLY needs to catch up with online transactions.

Doesn't Work As Intended

By Chris Cook (cccamuseme) on August 2, 2023

Very slow and enabling digital wallets will freeze on checkout.

Had to login to say how bad this plugin is

By jeremynative on June 10, 2023

Had to login to say how bad this plugin is. Surprised that square is so big and woocommerce is so big. they combined their size with creating the biggest turd possible

Very kind and quick response

By tomitatsuyoshi on May 26, 2023

They were very kind and quick to respond. Their advice worked for me. thank you very much.

Great product, even better support team

By (marciek) on April 6, 2023

The plug in works seamlessly on our website. We did have a hiccup in our unique instance due to integration with AvaTax. The Wordpress Support team is truly the best and got the issue resolved by working with Avalara and Square -- which feels unheard of. The Wordpress Support folks were also extremely responsive and kept me updated as this complicated issue was resolved.

Obviously any plug in has its quirks, and implementation can differ based on each website's unique set up. Rest assured, the Wordpress team will be stellar if there are any issues. It took a while, but we got there and well worth the time and effort to me. Wordpress support did all of the heavy lifting and had very thorough followthrough.

DON T WASTE YOUR TIME and don't say i didn't warn you

By worldofworld on March 11, 2023

These idiots blocked my account simply because I made a test purchase from myself in the amount of one dollar! I wrote to them in support about this, but they told me that everything is fair! No wonder why they have such an overall rating. Just don't mess with them at all, you'll just waste your time with them if you're not on their favorites list.

Great and Fast Support

By icemancast on January 16, 2023

The team had a fast response when I had an issue and I was able to resolve it with them quickly. Great support and definitely recommend this plugin if you need square integration with WooCommerce.

Out of box not working

By K3on (0xk3on) on September 6, 2023

<!-- wp:paragraph --> <p class="">I just installed this plugin and connect my square account successfully, but no locations came up! So it doesn't show credit card payment form in the checkout.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph -->

Fast Response and Problem Solved

By cpham2 on October 17, 2022

This was my first time using this forum, I submitted an issue and received a response VERY quickly as well as possible solutions. Was able to find help and resolve my problems fast

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