Setup Plugins & Themes Demos

Setup effective product trials to boost conversion & generate leads.

Convert 20% more customers with Sandbox

Try before buy – an approach which many plugin & theme companies have taken to boost conversion.

Provide admin demos

Just a live preview doesn’t work when potentials customers want to play around with the admin panel.

Reduce support load

Users are often smart to figure things out when presented with a live demo they can play around with.

Worry free setups

No need to worry about server recycling or maintaining a multi site, your demos are delivered instantly and reliably.

Untapped sales channel

Collect emails of your potential customers with our in-built landing page to send an email campaign a.k.a conversions.

Building a Sandbox was never this easy!

Create your “master” site

Configure a WordPress site with your plugins, themes and initial content which your customers can play around with.

Create your “master” site

Save it as a Template

Save the master site as a “shared” template and post the link to the template on your website.

Save it as a Template

Brand your Landing page

Add your brand color & logo to make it look pretty. Use our whitelabel feature to brand your domains.

Brand your Landing page

Collect email from leads

Create effective lead magnet from users trying out demos, and send custom email to convert them.

Collect email from leads

Track demo sites

Track the performance of your demo sites and figure out the next steps to sell your product even faster.

Track demo sites
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