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Import and export users and customers

Import and export users and customers using CSV files including custom user meta and roles. Integrations with lots of other plugins.
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excellent plugin for buddyboss

By vincentw23 on September 21, 2023

i was trying to import profile type data for my buddyboss platform, and this plugin worked. in addition, the author was amazing in communicating and helping me to resolve this issue. great job Mr. Francisco Javier Carazo Gil

Very easy to use

By user1968 on September 17, 2023

It extracts the meta data I was looking for. Thanks

works line a charm, very flexible

By krishanatwp on September 7, 2023

I had a complicated problem with BuddyPress, the great support helped me tu solve it.

Working for BuddyBoss

By thegrbteam on March 20, 2023

The export and import has been working for our BuddyBoss website and I'm pleased to say the developer supported us with improving the way data in one cell is delimited using commas, which is now using a double hash.

only one problem

By tiendabs on March 6, 2023

i select a custom user role and when i import the users were created without role and a warning. The role call empresa

Perfil no válido (empresa)

Import Process Could Use Some Work

By ogrecooper on February 7, 2023

I am definitely happy with the way that full usermeta is exported with this plugin as opposed to some other user import/export tools I've used. In a site with over 5,000 users which I need to migrate, the export process was stable (though slow-ish) with paged ajax requests to pave the way and update you on progress. Smooth sailing so far!

To my dismay, the import process was not nearly as fleshed out as I had hoped. It's a single POST request that can easily time out with no status indication at all if you have a large file. I attempted uploading the csv file directly to the server and using that option with the same result. In the end, I had to use bash scripts to split my 5,000+ row CSV file into chunks of 100 users and import each one by hand, a very tedious process.

This plugin desperately needs to revise it's import experience to match the effectiveness of the export experience. The actual functionality, options, and result is fantastic otherwise.

It just works!

By marcelorschel on November 30, 2022

The addon works like a charm and is very easy to use.

Great plugin!

By Lucas (Luquerias) on November 27, 2022

Great plugin very useful. Yoy may need it just once, but that one time u need is so good to have it. thank you.

Great plugin!!

By pandreas on September 14, 2022

great plugin, congrats!

Great plugin

By Helle Snabe (helledev) on August 25, 2022

Does what it says. Works every time.

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