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Zero Spam for WordPress

Shield your site from spam, malicious users, and attacks with our advanced detection engine. Integrate seamlessly with other plugins for added protect …
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🛡️ Safeguard your WordPress website effortlessly with Zero Spam for WordPress! Say goodbye to spam, malicious users, and a variety of sneaky attacks that can disrupt your online presence. Our plugin, powered by an advanced behavior detection engine, integrates seamlessly with Zero Spam, Stop Forum Spam, and Project Honeypot to provide you with a robust defense system.

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Very Effective, Prompt Support

By Eli (RealAct) on May 22, 2023

The plugin seems to be highly effective against combating spam comments, registrations etc.

Support team is very fast in replying to support requests, going above and beyond to develop solutions for customers.

I recommend.

Politics Ruin Yet Another Good Thing

By codejp3 on December 13, 2022

Has been my go-to anti-spam plugin for quite some time. I've used many of the techniques individually on many sites. Having them rolled up into a single plugin is just amazing! All 1-star reviews that say it doesn't work, don't have it setup/integrated properly, which can take a little bit of effort. There is no magical anti-spam protection that instantly happens when you activate it. BUT, once you do implement a few of the techniques this plugin provides, spam becomes a thing of the past. Prior to v5.2.15, would have been an easy 5-star rating. Because of v5.2.15, I regrettably have to give it 1-star review. Plugin author: This is an ANTI-SPAM plugin, NOT a Ukraine support plugin. If you want to show your support for Ukraine, make a plugin for it. DON'T ruin a useful plugin by injecting unrelated political beliefs it into it. Blocking spam is blocking spam. Supporting Ukraine is supporting Ukraine. Mix them together and you just end up ruining both. v5.2.15 feat(ukraine): we’ll no longer provide protection for .ru, .su, and .by domains & will display a banner of support for the ukrainian people on those sites – united with ukraine Personal Note to the Plugin Author: It's your plugin, you can do what you want, but here's an important question: Is this plugin for YOU (the plugin author) to broadcast political beliefs, or for US (the plugin users) to block spam? Between those two, which one is more important? Pick one and go with it. If you pick personal political beliefs over plugin user functionality then it's only a matter of time until someone takes all of your hard work on this plugin, removes your political beliefs, releases it as a new plugin, and surpasses you in # of installs, making this plugin obsolete. You will be your own undoing. Would hate to see that happen to an otherwise WONDERFUL & AMAZING plugin! Remove personal politics from this plugin, and my review will change to the 5-star review that it deserves.

Great anti-spam solution

By yiannisc on September 21, 2022

I used this plugin to reduce spam and it works like a treat. Highly recommended.

Why would you make updates where previous settings are not remembered?

By richardquerrey on September 6, 2022

This plugin undergoes a UI change every few months, and continues to make the same mistake - it doesn't remember what the previous settings were on 'big' updates. Which is a huge dev failure. If you have it on multiple sites, suddenly your contact form is getting spammed to high heaven again. Then you have to go back in, and redo the settings.

Annoying Alert

By divishop on August 9, 2022

Plugin keeps telling me to upgrade even after I dismiss the notice.

Simple, Easy, Fast - Hassel Free!

By krakenupkrafts on May 12, 2022

This is a must-install plugin. Didn't take a hit on performance and the obnoxious barrage of spam has STOPPED! So much frustration out of my life since install.

Spammed by the anti-spam plugin

By robinleysen on May 10, 2022

Since there is a paying version, the free version let through significantly more spam, in my opinion. The spammy banner urging you to pay, has a dismiss link. It does not dismiss the banner, but takes you to the settings page to update to a paid account. The banner consistently returns, nagging you into paid account. Are there alternatives?

Great support!

By malver32 on April 27, 2022

I was getting hundreds of spam registration, comments all day long, and fraudulent credit card submissions in WPGive. I installed Zero Spam and it came to a stop! LOVE this plugin!

Admin nags that won't go away

By chris_c on April 21, 2022

Firstly, I get it. Plugin developers want to get paid, and where they have a premium add-on it's reasonable to make sure that website owners can be prompted to upgrade. Sadly this plugin has gone down the route of adding an overly threatening sales message that is not dismissible. My website is not at risk if I don't subscribe to your service. You're providing an optional layer of security. If I click "dismiss" I expect the notice to go away, not to be take away from *my* dashboard to your sales page.

Add ads!

By RCarlos on April 20, 2022

Add their ads to your site. Handles 2 out of 5 points.

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