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Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.
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Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

Takayuki Miyoshi  
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Always problems with new versions

By renaisonp on January 27, 2023

Always problems with new versions.

Last version of this day the formatting of mails is broken.

And I never had a solution with the after-sales service, we were always given automatic answers from the same "human robot", or answered that it came from elsewhere…


By Revirlution (revirlution) on January 23, 2023

After the latest update the plugin has started over-writing many woocommerce translations (especially in cart and checkout pages), reverting them from spanish to english. It makes me crazy after I ask to a developer who told me retry to a former version

Forms aren't working

By pcp81215 (percivalconstantine) on January 20, 2023

I used this form on one of my sites and it sends form responses to my Gmail address without any issue. So I thought I'd try installing this on another site except this time, it says it can't send forms. The FAQ says that the email *must* be on the same domain as the site itself, yet this is obviously not true as my first site continues to work just fine with Gmail. I can't figure out what the problem is, the error message gives no clear idea of what's going wrong, and the FAQ doesn't provide any useful info.

Markup broken after update & lack of support

By anmokuchi on January 19, 2023

With 5.7 update there is an annoying autop filter which ads <p> and <br> tags to form markup. On the form page it can be solved with some additional CSS, but in case of HTML-email it won't help at all (the plugin adds these tags even to the email).

The issue was reported to the plugin author and was announced to be fixed in 5.7.1, but the problem is not solved. The plugin still adds unnecessary tags to markup.

Moreover, version 5.7.2 has introduced HTML formatter with "Additional end-tag omission handling", and this feature cannot recognize nested tables and some other stuff, so the whole markup (especially in HTML-mail) is now broken due to unnecessary end-tag handling.

I've checked the Support forum and saw that a lot of people are facing the same problem and reporting it, but the plugin author just ignores the issue, not replying to the vast majority of users or just denying the fact that the plugin update causes all these problems. Yeah, there are the other plugins, themes, WP version, anything else but CF7 is the reason :)

And there is no improvement in the issue since the latest update (almost a month).

Why solve a problem when it's easier to pretend it doesn't exist, of course.

And this lack of support angers me the most.

Not so good as other form plugins!

By mannyberger1989 on January 8, 2023

Contact Form 7 looks a bit outdated in the overall comparison of form plugins on WordPress. I have made in my test not so good experiences, basically makes the plugin what it should, but missing important functions that you need in online marketing for lead generation aufjedenfall. Because of this only 3 stars.

Last update deleted half of my translations!!!!!!

By belgins on January 4, 2023


The nightmare of wpautop have come to CF7

By Alexander Guskov (forcesail) on December 29, 2022

This plugin worked 5* fine until v.5.7
It used some algorithm of correcting html code that was fine and that served for 5 millions websites.
5 millions website's admin were happy! until v.5.7 have come....
Since that - 5 millions websites become broken!!!

The good working algorithm has been changed to nightmare wpautop-style algorithm. Internet full of tears and sobbings websites admins trying to avoid it's destroying impact. The problem with wp_autop is that it's unlockable completely event though removing filter.

The similar problem with wpcf7_autop: when it on it breaks the existing forms, when it's off - it again breaks existing forms, but less.

Currently the one of the safest haven's have follen.....

Why not to leave algorithms as they had been?

Lo uso su tutti i miei siti

By piastra89 on December 29, 2022

Lo utilizzo quotidianamente e devo dire che è davvero semplice da usare. Uno dei punti forti di questo plugin è sicuramente la sua facilità d'uso: bastano pochi clic per creare un modulo di contatto personalizzato. E poi c'è il fatto che è completamente gratuito, quindi non devi spendere soldi per averlo.

L'unico punto debole, se vogliamo trovarne uno, potrebbe essere che alcune delle opzioni avanzate richiedono un po' di conoscenza di codice, ma per la maggior parte delle cose che devo fare io, non mi servono.
Probabilmente il migliore su piazza.


By lesinvis on December 28, 2022

Never work and dangerous

Update 5.7.1 continues to wrap markup inside and

By themerex on December 16, 2022

Unlike version 5.6.4 [ ], update 5.7.1 continues to wrap "p" markup inside "div" and "td" [ ].

It breaks the appearance of the forms.

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