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WP Video Lightbox

Very easy to use WordPress lightbox plugin to display YouTube and Vimeo videos in an elegant lightbox overlay.
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The WordPress Video Lightbox plugin allows you to embed videos on a page using lightbox overlay display.

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By Sicut Unum (sicutunum) on October 12, 2022

Works great!

Brilliant - Outshines othe youtube plugins

By replied on January 7, 2022

Thank you a plugin that does what it says. Spent almost an entire day trying other 'Highly' rated youtube plugins, for them to just not work, crash my site and well tear my hair out [if I had any]. Just wanted to embed a simple video from youtube, got more than I wanted with the lightbox effect, now I'm thinking of all the other ways I can use this and have youtube videos everywhere when personally I don't care much for youtube, except that it's a convenient way to upload and store my videos.

Easy to use, works perfect

By dim0k on August 13, 2021

Should be improved for mobile a little, but still perfect for me, Thanks!

Bad on mobile, does not support core YouTube block

By jamieschmid on July 11, 2020

We needed a custom button and load image, and open in modal on play. This plugin allowed me to do all of that for our custom field-controlled embeds, but it does not work with the core YouTube block - meaning we can't use it on posts without building a custom block which we are trying to avoid. Additionally, as other reviewers have said, the mobile modal is still not usable. I understand it may be a PrettyPhoto issue, but it is pretty unacceptable in modern times. These two issues are big ones, and fixing them would make it a 5 star plugin. I'll be watching for updates!

Doesn't work

By megosoft on April 21, 2020

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ';'

No Mobile support. i.e. Looks bad on Mobile!

By markpic on March 25, 2020

No Mobile support. i.e. Looks bad on Mobile! beware of implementing this and then being disappointed by the mobile appearance of the plugin :(

Works perfectly, but conflicts with plugins

By Edward Bedarev (edviser) on December 11, 2019

When activated, it conflicts with two plugins: 1) F.A.Q. Accordion plugin - background fields of questions titles are expanded vertically, so they are displayed distorted. 2) Cfroms and Contact Form 7 - expands distance between labels and inputs of contact forms.

Easy to use!

By barbaradharris on November 27, 2019

Just what I was looking for thanks!

Cool Plugin

By williamharriss on August 27, 2019

Cool plugin.

Works great - Didn't have to read a lot to figure out how!

By davidgordonart on November 21, 2018

A perfect solution. Thank you!

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