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Under Construction

Easy to use Under Construction Page & Coming Soon Page. Enable Under Construction Mode in seconds & show you're Under Construction!
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Create an Under Construction Page, Maintenance Mode Page, Coming Soon Page or a Landing Page that takes less than a minute to install & configure. Under Construction won’t waste your time! It’s simple, fast, efficient & user-friendly with great templates users love. Under Construction uses Bunny Fonts for GDPR compatibility.

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upsell plugin

By Byron Iniotakis (orloxgr) on February 17, 2023

you cannnot do almost anything, even the custom option is paid. no tiktok social

Great plugin :)

By wooguy on February 16, 2023

Very simple to use.

Thanks for keeping it up to date.

Mostly Upsells - Unintuitive Otherwise

By Howdy_McGee on January 30, 2023

This entire plugin is an upsell.

If there are simple and free options in this plugin, it's unintuitive. It starts with a simple design, but it's not clear how to go about changing the design images. There's a content tab, but no image upload to override the default Construction image. Every other design link wants you to upgrade to their pro for a minimum of $50 a year.

If you just want to add some simple images and simple text for an under construction page, this is not the plugin to do that.

Easy and working as expected

By S.L. (drikting) on December 19, 2022

Really good. Just activate, click to turn on the under construction option.

Administrator role is whitelisted by default- Good! So site owners can continue their work and view them. There are even notifications to inform that.

Remember to flush your cache if any and test with incognito mode.

There are more options but not essential I think.

Some things just work

By Brian (bwc176) on November 16, 2022

It's always nice when you pick a plugin, turn it on, follow it's handy instructions, and have what you need in under 2 minutes.

Easy to set up for a beginner

By tgreen72 on November 16, 2022

I downloaded few under construction/maintenence themes and plugins, couldn't find an easy way to get any of them to work. This one was easy, clicked on settings next to the plugin on the installed plugins section and was set up in seconds. Definitely recommended for beginners like myself.

Poucas opções gratuitas

By albertcorbett on September 25, 2022

A primeira vista parece um bom plugin, porém ao utilizar existem muito poucas opções gratuitas. Os temas não são editáveis (é possível alterar apenas o texto simples) e a versão personalizada é somente para usuários premium, algo que outros plugins oferecem gratuitamente.

Forces you to use their image

By Markol on August 9, 2022

Forces you to use some silly image in your under construction page. Unusable for me.

Free plugin works, pro version is broken

By ecsio on August 5, 2022

Free version provides very basic functionality. Pro version is broken, controls are unintuitive and confusing, documentation is severely lacking. My experience so far has been below suboptimal, stay away. I'd give this zero stars if I could.

Fast and helpfull answers

By innedb on July 24, 2022

I was helped fast and the answers were clear.

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