Post Snippets – Custom WordPress Code Snippets Customizer

Create WordPress custom snippets shortcodes and reusable content and insert them in into your posts and pages.
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Custom shortcodes, reusable content

Create and insert custom shortcodes and reusable content into your posts and pages with ease using this plugin.

Build a snippet library

Save snippets of HTML, PHP code, or reoccurring text that you often use in your posts and pages, and access them easily in the post editor.

Easy snippet management

Add, edit, and remove snippets effortlessly with the user-friendly 'Manage Snippets' page provided by the plugin.

Import/Export snippets

Easily import and export snippets between sites, making it convenient to transfer your snippets to different WordPress installations.



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Jul 14, 2023

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Users reviews

Awesome plugin and amazing support

By robhnn on November 17, 2023

I have been searching for a plugin to do exactly this. Great support as well!

Great product, great help

By kyrstynnevargas on August 31, 2023

Been using this product for almost a year now. It is a huge help for adding codes seamlessly. It has a user-friendly interface which is really perfect for beginners. It also covers a wide range of code types which even experts in the field will find helpful. It has enhanced our workflow and saved us a huge amount of time. Most important of all is the prompt response from their customer support. First thing everyone should look for when subscribing to something.

Good product and very good support

By mardoka on August 7, 2023

We have been using Post Snippets for a few months. It's a very useful product and support is very fast, if we have any troubles.

Great product; great support

By jomariworks on August 4, 2023

When PostSnippets unexpectedly wouldn't allow me to create, duplicate or edit I contacted support. After some troubleshooting, support offered to log in to the site and explore. They quickly determined the problem and wrote a custom function to restore PostSnippets. Very happy with support

A must

By arditcaushi on July 27, 2023

This plugin is a must to add code with out any problems. Very easy to use and useful.

Valuable time helper

By zemase on May 26, 2023

Does what it should do. Late but good support on a technical issue. Recommended.

Fascinating and getting better

By jh20001 on December 6, 2022

This is a fascinating plugin that I thought was a pretty neat idea. The only issue is that you can't sort the snippets. I only use this plugin for a few small repetitive things so this isn't that big of a deal, but I can see how it could become a deal quickly if you have a lot of them. As for the support, the dev does keep the communication going in the support forum and does a great job at fixing things when they happen. This is always nice.

A must-have plugin!

By kmedspun on February 2, 2021

This plugin is a life saver! It allows dynamic stuff without any need to edit the actual WP core. Works perfectly even in Divi components, and doesn't seem to slow the site at all (as long as your own php is optimized, obviously).

Works Well, Finally Solves My Problems Inserting Customized Bullet Lists

By martymcleod on January 15, 2021

I'm using Post Snippets to insert my custom Pros/Cons lists and it's working great! Basically, due to replacing my old theme (ReHub) with GeneratePress, I lost the original built-in Pros/Cons shortcodes. I have the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin, however, using a custom shortcode wasn't working out like I hoped. Using Post Snippets I was able to combine the Shortcodes Ultimate Row, Columns (1/2), and default WordPress bullet lists along with a tiny bit of CSS to get great looking Pros/Cons I can simply insert as a preset by choosing it from the Post Snippets presets in the WP editor. Thanks for the very nice plugin! It allows for some really creative (and work-saving) possibilities. I look forward to recommending it to others. It's so useful. :D

Fantastic ! Thx !

By Picturgency on December 17, 2020

Great. Good infos on the plugin page itself, I appreciate. Took me 1min to understand the shortcode doesn't allow space in the name and the magic happened! It's gonna help a lot for many things !

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Frequently asked questions

What is Post Snippets? +

Post Snippets is a plugin that allows you to create custom shortcodes and reusable content for your posts and pages.

How can I insert snippets into my posts and pages? +

All defined snippets can be inserted from a button directly in the post editor.

Can I use Post Snippets to create custom shortcodes? +

Yes, you can use Post Snippets to create your own custom shortcodes.

Is PHP code supported in the snippets? +

Yes, a shortcode snippet can optionally be processed as PHP code.

Is there documentation available for Post Snippets? +

Yes, full documentation is available directly from the help panel in the plugin.

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