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Go multilingual in a simple and efficient way. Keep writing posts, creating categories and post tags as usual while defining the languages all at once …
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With Polylang fully integrated to WordPress and using only its built-in core features (taxonomies), keep steady performances on your site and create a multilingual site featuring from just one extra language to 10 or more depending on your needs. There is no limit in the number of languages added and WordPress’ language packs are automatically downloaded when ready.

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By ohantekten on September 26, 2023

I use it for my blog site named culturalwander.com, and it's really successful. I use approximately 8 different languages. Thanks.

Not advisable

By Ware (DMware) on September 25, 2023

I have been using Polylang for several websites during the last 1 1/2 years. Recently I had a Client that needed the translation of his WooCommerce. I did not read the entire documentation before buying the WooCommerce liucense for 99€. I discovered only after the purchase that in order to translate the products I needed to duplicate all products and associate one by one to each corresponding product in the original language. This will require a week of work as the catalogue has more than 2000 products. There is no way to leave the products as they are and show them once they have the default language assigned. This is a very bad lack of feature for a product that costs quite a lot. The support told me that they did not accept my request of refund. I am not happy with this product especially because i do not agree with the fact that a company keeps the money of someone that has no possibility of using their product. As far as I know there is an European law reharding this type of behaviours, however I have not the time to investigate this further. I hope the European Commission and the assigned department will come to regulate the open source field as well, maybe with the helkp of the Autommatic as well. I wish all the luck to the Franchese Polylang team however as far as me, my company, my clients and my partners, their name will not be associated to a positive view.

The best, I recommend

By lancyelu on September 21, 2023

Just a small improvement, it will be good to set up a specific field for each language, to be able to add the aria-label attribute, to explain the choice of language at the screen reader level, when navigating with the keyboard . All of this is in relation to digital accessibility.

Best manual translation plugin

By cweiser on September 20, 2023

If you're looking for a plugin that allows you to add your own bespoke translations (and not just rely on an automated Google Translate plugin), then this is the one to reach for. The included menu item to switch languages takes a big worry off my plate.

Very good plugin

By rafagrafic on September 20, 2023

<span class="HwtZe" lang="en"><span class="jCAhz ChMk0b"><span class="ryNqvb">Good plugin to have the website in several languages.</span></span> <span class="jCAhz ChMk0b"><span class="ryNqvb">On a simple website it works without problems</span></span></span><span class="ZSCsVd"></span>


By jmarflr on September 19, 2023

It's a great extension.

Very useful solution. Works as it have to. I am satisfied

By rihardsansics on September 19, 2023

Very useful solution. Works as it have to. I am satisfied

No support

By dkexception on September 18, 2023

Many features does not work and devs do not answer any support queries

the best

By Moktar (Eng_A_Moktar) on September 16, 2023

the best

Very useful

By arteasyplayer on September 15, 2023

Easy to use and flexible

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