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Get the Official Facebook for WooCommerce plugin for two powerful ways to help grow your business, including an ads extension and shops tab for your p …
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This is the official Facebook for WooCommerce plugin that connects your WooCommerce website to Facebook. With this plugin, you can install the Facebook pixel, upload your online store catalog, and create a shop on your Facebook page, enabling you to easily run dynamic ads.

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Awesome Customer Support

By mridulhossain on January 26, 2023

This Plugin And Support Are Aowsome

Awesome Customer Support

By Mohamed Zumry (mohamedzumry) on January 22, 2023

The plugin does its work. I encountered some problems with the plugin, but I could disable the errors temporarily with the awesome help of the customer support provided by the team. Hope the team will increase the functionalities and clear the bugs in future...

Very helpful support!

By andersjytzler on January 19, 2023

Very helpful support!

even facebook staff does not use this!

By RwkY (rwky) on January 19, 2023

I knew for a long time that this plugin is horrible and to my amaze, got out of a call with a facebook representative, they guided our specialist in installing another plugin for pixel and capi integrations! This says a lot about the quality of the plugin!

They should just scrape it and rebuild it from ground up.

fully disappointing

By nahim23 on January 13, 2023

useless plugin....never install it

DO NOT INSTALL this plugin!

By CADMan (maggenti) on December 22, 2022

I installed this Official Plugin, and FaceBook shut down my entire account. "Advertising access permanently restricted," They said. "We noticed unusual activity on your account and could not confirm your identity." I sent them my driver's license and my phone number and confirmed it. I tried to contact support, which was very nice, but they said. You're restricted, so our Support Department will contact you through email. They sent me a message telling me that I was restricted, REALLY I had no idea. They also provided a link to the same page I already had: "Account Quality." I only put up a picture of my wife and some of the handbags she is making. Wow, that shocked them, I guess. Maybe they have never seen a purse before? I am not political or anything, so I have no idea what their problem is other than their Official Plugin has a bug, and they are blaming me for it! But read the other comments; I am not the only one. So I advise you not to install this plugin until they fix it or risk losing your account. This is the weirdest thing, I read the other comments and said no, that will not happen, but it did.

DONT use this one for tracking...

By petermansson on December 15, 2022

Started to use this one for pixel trackning - both browser and server side (capi API) events. There is really nothing to configure, just add your Meta id's. But - it does just not work. It's not sending events as expected. You'll miss a lot of important events. And there is no way to use Meta's test tool for checking server side events - you can't add the Meta test code in the plugin. If the plugin had worked as expected there's no need to test of course - but now it's the opposite. I really recommend to check other options, like Pixel Manager or Pixel Your Site.

It works fine for feeding Facebook/Insta with products.

Avoided dissappoitment by expecting so little

By windycityparrot on December 13, 2022

The two worst software developers on the planet Woo Commerce & Facebook team up once again to produce a plugin that produces nothing but errors. I don't even want to think about how little thought was given to security which is why I deleted the piece of crap

10 Critical errors on a new Wordpress install

By Savemi (savemi) on December 12, 2022

I had just recently installed it onto a brand new Wordpress site to access Messenger live chat and to add my products to Facebook. Only to find that my new site now had 10 critical errors and took forever to load (particularly on mobile). Disabled the plugin and the errors disappeared. Not interested in taking the time to debug. Will use Tawkto for chat and add products manually to FB.

Useless to people not in America or Europe or some parts of Asia

By raphaelmutemi on December 7, 2022

The currencies you have a very limited. most of us can't use the plugin because of where we live. Really don't understand why you can't cater to all currencies. You would think the rest of us still trade using fruits, fish, and chunks of meat. Really disappointing!

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