InstaWP Partnered with Melapress: What’s There In It For You

InstaWP believes that collaboration is the only possible way to unlock new heights of creativity and innovation. This is why we keep joining hands with the leaders of other domains of WordPress development.

The recent partnership of InstaWP with Melapress (Yup, the WP White Security guys!) is here to bring new synergies to WordPress developers that can help you redefine development and security. This partnership is more than two industry leaders joining hands. It’s a way to streamline WordPress development so much so that it’s swift, perfect, and futuristic.

We have a lot more to tell you about this partnership. So, keep reading the post.

Melapress – Empowering WordPress Development

In the WordPress realm, Melapress is a trusted name as this company has developed a wide range of plugins that take the default security of WordPress to a whole new level. In addition, it offers unmatched capabilities for end-to-end and fully streamlined WordPress management.

Founded by Robert Abela, Melapress aims to offer WP security solutions that cater to the needs of diverse developers. Its plugin portfolio is highly diverse and has everything that a reliable developer needs to attain perfection in development.

At present, there are four premium plugins and three free plugins that Melapress offers currently. Out of its four premium plugins, InstaWP has partnered for its WP Activity Log plugin. We literally love this plugin from the very beginning, and so do other developers. (We wish to see all their plugins in our dashboard 🙂)

WP Activity Log is a great resource when it comes to enhancing WordPress security by keeping track of activity logs. Let’s learn more about it in the next section.

WP Activity Log – Better WordPress Management is Now Possible

WP Activity Log is an inventive plugin to own if you own an extensive WordPress website network. By keeping end-to-end logs of WordPress users and their activities on your entire WordPress site network, this plugin ensures that you know who is accessing the website and performing all activities over there.

The plugin is integrated with 3rd party providers like MainWP, Yoast SEO, MemberPress, and WooCommerce. Hence, you’re bound to experience great usability while working with this plugin. Let’s decode the key highlights of this plugin for you.

  • It keeps track of Everything

The plugin can help you monitor content changes, user profile changes, system setting changes, and any other sort of change happening on the concerned website. It’s so clever to monitor and record changes that nothing will go unnoticed.

  • Updated activity logs  

WP Activity Log plugin not only records the changes but also records data such as event ID, date of the change, time, and other aspects. It can also keep track of the user’s role IP addresses and other details related to the changes happening in and around the website. 

  • Quick alert 

To keep you posted about everything in real-time, the plugin shares the changes alerts using SMS and emails. As these alerts are shared instantly, missing out on any single detail is not possible. Looking for custom notifications? You can set up specific notification triggers as well. 

  • Detailed activity log reports 

The plugin uses the activity log to create detailed activity reports that you can use to gain detailed insights into your website and user activities. You will have fully configurable criteria that you can use to create unlimited reports. The plugin can generate reports based on a daily, weekly, quarterly, and monthly basis. For your ease, these reports are shared instantly in your inbox. 

  • Real-time user management

With the help of this plugin, it’s possible to manage user sessions in real-time. You can terminate the session remotely, block any user session, get session status via email, and get rid of idle sessions. 

  • Track particular activities

WP Activity Log allows you to make free-text searches to find any specific activity log. There is a wide range of in-built filters to fine-tune the search results. With all these capabilities, the plugin helps you find specific activities in the blink of an eye. 

All in all, WP Activity Log is one of the most advanced and high-end user activity log plugins that developers can use to streamline troubleshooting, security, user management, and compliance. 

InstaWP x WP Activity Log – Unlocking New Capabilities

InstaWP is a leading WordPress staging and sandboxing solution provider that aims to streamline WordPress testing so that developers don’t avoid it just because of the tediousness of the process.   

By taking WP Activity Log on board, InstaWP aims to bring new WordPress sandboxing capabilities to your disposal, such as:

  • Real-time Monitoring of Staging Sites 

WP Activity Log plugin can help developers watch out for all the actions and changes that developers are making on staging sites. They can record when a new plugin was installed, which theme was changed when, and even the content edits.  

  • User Accountability During Sandboxing 

This partnership now permits developers to assess user accountability for every action. It’s possible to track the user IP address and action timestamps for future reference.

  • Immediate Security Alerts

You don’t have to worry about the security of staging sites. This partnership will now allow you to receive real-time notifications of any suspicious activity.

  • User Role Management

If you’re handling too many staging sites, use the WP Activity Log plugin to implement user access and set boundaries for every user. 

To sum up, we can only say that InstaWP users now have the power to enhance security and user access as and when you’re sandboxing your WordPress websites. Gaining deeper insights into user activity logs while handling multiple staging sites is now possible. So, don’t think any further. Make a move and give this integration a try. 

How to Pre-Install WP Activity Log on your InstaWP Sites?

Now that you know the capabilities of this integration, it’s time to learn how to use it. 

You need to know that this plugin is available in the Security category in the InstaWP dashboard. So, you first need to access your InstaWP dashboard, which you can do by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go to InstaWP’s official page and click on Login. 

2. Use the registered email to access your account, and the InstaWP dashboard is right there. 

3. Click on ‘Create New’ to spin a new staging site. 

4. In the ‘Security Category, look at the WP Activity Log. Select this plugin for pre-installation.

5. Select more plugins for pre-installation, and click Create Site.

That’s it. Now, when you access this website using the Magic Login feature and view the list of installed ‘Plugins,’ the WP Activity Log plugin should be there already. No need to manually install it and invest your precious time in the process 😀

Final Say 

Like always, InstaWP has partnered with Melapress to start offering its WP Activity Log plugin for pre-installation in our dashboard. This integration is indeed a laudable move that WordPress developers and security enthusiasts will encourage. This partnership is going to bring tons of benefits for InstaWP users. 
As we wrap this news up, we would like to tell you that this is not the end of innovation and collaboration for us. This is the beginning of powerful sandboxing. Keep enjoying using InstaWP. 🙂

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