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Self-Hosted Google Fonts

Automatically self-host all the Google Fonts on your site. Plug and play.
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An easy way to self-host all your Google Fonts for increased Privacy or to meet a law requirement. Theme and plugin authors are often unwilling to offer a self-hosted method and it’s quite laborious to download and upload each of the required font.

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Install and forget

By klausmeier9 on February 10, 2023

I used this plugin on different sites and - of course - doublecheck the functionality from time to time.
As other guys also stated here, the plugin works reliable with different versions of WP since years.
So great!

Works perfect

By kopfkinodesign on October 12, 2022

What can i say. Worked perfekt on various website with different wordpress websitebuilders.

Works flawlessly!

By bedengler on August 28, 2022

Although it's 4 years old, it does the job pretty well. Even better than many actual plugins. Great plugin. Installed it on a site with my own theme. Has just a small settings window, and from the first load of the website it recognized, downloaded, cached and hosted all Google Fonts. So it seems it's GDPR compliant. Easy and simple! Great plugin, thumbs up 👍

Still working for Beaver Builder

By Websicherheit on August 4, 2022

Old plugin - but for Beaver Builder still plug & play and fixes DSGVO problem in 5 seconds. Big thumbs up!

A must have plugin for a WP site!

By Jesse23 on July 13, 2022

I must say that, this plugin is just perfect and does what it says! It's a must-have plugin for any WP site!

Does not work properly

By Christian Strasser (cswebdesigns) on March 26, 2022

I don't understand all the positive reviews. First of all, the plugin does not work always. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. What are the requirements that it works properly? Second, there is no support anymore which can be a security risk (and see point first, does not work reliable). The last update was 4 years ago. But this is not a must.

Love it, but are we safe?

By massstash on February 22, 2022

Been using this for a little bit now and just noticed it's 4yrs last updated... Bit concerned haha. Would you mind checking things out and making sure that it is still simple enough to be safe, without need of update to help us know? Thank you so much for your efforts!

Still working

By glaeskewpr on February 14, 2022

Looks like it is still working. There were no problems at all on my website.

Incredibly good! Please continue

By Starski on February 3, 2022

The plugin is so incredibly good. I am worried that it will stop working soon. It still works for me with WP 5.9, but what's the next step? I would be hugely happy if it also runs in future versions. Please, please continue :)

It's dead

By sotte on January 16, 2021

I loved this addon. But unfortunately: it's dead. No updates for 3 years, no support... Too bad.

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