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Fixed Widget and Sticky Elements for WordPress

More attention and a higher ad performance with fixed sticky widgets.
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Use Fixed Widget to create sticky widgets, sticky blocks, and other elements that stay in the visible screen area when a user scrolls the page up or down.

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Worked very well for the last 5+ years and impressive support

By Arun Basil Lal (arunbasillal) on November 28, 2022

I have used this plugin on my website for the last 5+ years and it always worked very well. Updates were always stress free and never broke any layout. With version 6 I had some layout issues and Thomas helped me fix it. It's really hard to make a plugin compatible with the vast amount of themes out there and I would have totally understood if he didn't want to spend the time to fix my specific issue. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. I recommend this plugin and I wish him all the best. Thank you for your time and efforts. Kind regards, Arun

Very helpful widget

By infle on November 7, 2022

Thank you so much for such helpful widget. Very simple to setup and fast configuration.

Perfect tabs

By egeoposada on September 26, 2022

Thank you for such wonderful tabs. Everything simple and effective.

Amazing !

By zepolo on August 31, 2022

This plugin surprised us with its efficiency and ease of use. It is very efficient and does not slow down the loading of pages. We hesitated for a long time with other plugins. But I think we made the right choice, the zones are very easy to configure, which is not the case with other fixed widget type plugins. This one is completely free and is not restricted. Kudos to the team

Best Fixed Widget Plugin Made

By cactiarchive on August 29, 2022

Great support, great plugin.

The support is also perfect same as the plugin!

By redrye on August 22, 2022

The support is also perfect same as the plugin!

Perfetto plugin

By marcellomig on July 6, 2022

Il nostro tema Mh Magazine non ha l'infinite scroll e questo ha sempre creato enormi problemi al sito. L'unica soluzione era quella di cambiare tema, ma costava tanto in termini di fatiche. Il sito contiene tanti media ed era molto impegnativo farlo. Abbiamo sempre cercato qualcosa che potesse risolvere il problema, ma nulla era valido. Poi ci siamo imbattuti (dopo circa 10 anni di ricerche) in questo plugin e dobbiamo dire che è stato come un sogno. Lo abbiamo scaricato e testato e già al primo test aveva modificato l'aspetto del nostro sito, rendendolo più agile e più bello con infinite scroll. Solo un piccolo bug nella sezione commenti che Tommaso ha subito risolto con un nuovo aggiornamento del plugin. Che dire ci ha modificato la vita redendo più facile il nostro lavoro di giornalista. Non lo cambieremo mai per un altro. Grazie CEO Umbria Journal Marcello Migliosi

Great plugin, made with a lot of passion

By Anonymous User 15325940 (anonymized_15325940) on July 4, 2022

This is, by far, the best solution if you are looking for a plugin that makes your widgets sticky. I use it for ads. It does not slow down the website, at least, I could not notice any difference. The biggest plus: The authors of the plugin are extremely helpful if you encounter any unexpected behaviour and constantly update the plugin. They invest a lot of time for this FREE plugin. I really appreciate this gem of a plugin!


By bpalombo on June 24, 2022

Error on saving the element, doesn't work

Simply did not work

By teradyl on June 7, 2022

Unclear directions on how to use with the "stop element" and a few minutes of tinkering ended up with nothing working. I used WP Sticky Sidebar and it worked like a charm.

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