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PDF Embedder

Embed PDF files directly into your posts and pages, with intelligent responsive resizing, and no third-party services or iframes.
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Upload PDF files and embed them directly into your site’s posts and pages. It works as simple as adding images! Your PDF files will be automatically sized to their natural size and shape. You can also specify a width and the correct height will be calculated automatically. Our PDF Embedder plugin is fully responsive, so the embedded PDF will also look perfect, on any device. Additionally, the pdf embedder will automatically resize whenever the browser dimensions change.

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had to use old school embed code vs blocks editor

By Beej2020 on May 22, 2023

on my WP v5.9.7 the blocks editor mode endlessly prompts for installing the plugin, but the embed code approach still works fine and is super easy: [pdf-embedder url='Plan-Summary.pdf']

i couldn't get 4 other pdf embedders to work either so there must be a new paradigm change that's breaking everything lately.

note, their support doesn't keep up on these forums, click into support threads on upper right gutter of this page and you'll see the pinned "How to get Support" thread.

Broken since V5.1.x and no reply from support

By Manni02 on May 16, 2023

This used to be a great plugin, until V5.1.

That version broke everything, displayed unrelated backgrounds for other plugins and stopped displaying the PDF watermarks properly. A big mess.

I reported the issues to support as I'm using the premium version, but support never bothered to reply, either in this initial support request or when I posted in forum threads about the same issues.

This is why I'm posting this review, to warn potential users.

Each version since 5.1 got better and resolved some of the issues, but 5.1.4 released recently still doesn't display the watermark properly. It's off-center and looks completely unprofessional.

I'm still using 5.0.2 while it works, as it has none of the issues with the other versions, but I've cancelled support renewal given that I'm stuck with an old version and am not getting any of the support I've paid for over the last few years, without ever using or needing it. Note that my current support is still active (until July). I just won't renew it for no benefit if I don't get support and can't use newer versions because I'm stuck with an old one.

I advise everyone to stay clear from the premium version as the current version is broken and you won't get any support. Try to get V5.0.2 from the downloads history in the user panel, as it works very well.

Shame that a developper charges for support but doesn't deliver any. I get better support from free plugins.

I'll update this review if I either get the support I've paid for or if the issues in version 5.1.x are resolved.

Before these issues (and before I needed access to the inexistent support), I would have given four stars to this plugin. The only feature missing is the ability to download a PDF with the personalised watermark. Currently download is the file without any watermark, which doesn't help at all, so I use another plugin for that.

Premium version crashed, no response, no support

By KWH (koerthuber) on April 27, 2023

The premium plugin crashed. It has been reported 4 times in 10 days. Screenshots have been sent. No response at all.

Exactly what I was looking for

By zumango on April 9, 2023

Easy to use and work really good with DIVI

Easy to use

By (kirkward) on April 5, 2023

Installed in just a moment. Minimal settings. Adapted to my theme easily. Good plugin.

Works well.

By benchwarmer on March 29, 2023

It works well for easily displaying PDFs. I'm using the Secure version (annual renewal) which is a useful feature to have as an extra layer of security when you don't want to make your PDF downloadable. That said, any of the content I don't want downloaded is also behind a login prompt.

I'm giving 4 stars because even though I've not had any issues getting in touch with support, I have had issues with the plugin causing problems with my sites. Problems were corrected, but had to roll-back and fix took awhile.

Does not work in WP 6. No f#$%ing support!

By wendybreaksout on March 8, 2023

The subject says it all. It's amazing that someone would abandon a plugin with 300,000+ installs but that is apparently what has happened here.

Unsatisfactory plugin support service!

By okcirmht on May 5, 2023

While the support has contacted me after a very long delay since the last time I edited this review, I am still in the dark as to what exactly could cause the problems I have faced with this plugin. I have provided details of the problems before, and answers to my specific questions have not been given (such as minifying exemptions, if needed, with the new update, and what could cause watermarking issues already reported). They say watermarking issues are local to my case, but others have reported the same, and I do not have time to test each time they make a claim, knowing that it did not work the last time I tried. 5.0.2. is still what works for me and I don't even see what is new or improved in the upgrade, since they have not even explained it clearly. I am upgrading the stars and title of my review simply because they at least made a gesture of contacting me, but I did not find their response helpful given the details provided earlier.

(Old review: I had submitted a 5-star review for this plugin before updating the last version (5.1.0) of its secure/premium version which I pay for annually; but I am changing it to 1-star. Unfortunately, I submitted the earlier review without having tested the new update, which is basically useless and not working for my site at all. The support is completely absent after trying to reach out to them many times. Their help documentation are always out of date regarding minifying exclusion instructions for the latest version. I have tried to reach out to them, but no response has been made. I felt it would be misleading to provide a glowing 5-star review for a plugin that suffers from basic support for annually paid licensees, and with each version comes new headaches of trying to make it work.)

(older review: This plugin works well. Thanks for your efforts).


By JS (sjbnet) on July 25, 2022

sehr gutes Plugin, top

Premium Users Be Aware

By sonamooinc on July 8, 2022

If you are a paid user like me, you will be surprised that the license actually expires after one year. Nowhere on their checkout page explains that the license is for 1 year. It only states the followings on 3 different pages: Page 1) PDF Embedder Premium - Single site license Page 2) PDF Thumbnails Premium Our PDF Thumbnails plugin automatically generates fixed image versions of all PDF files in your Media Library, to use on your site as you wish. Clicking the Add to Cart button ***ADDS*** the PDF Thumbnails plugin with your purchase. Single site license – $20.00 2-5 site license – $30.00 Unlimited sites license – $50.00 --------------- Page 3) Email Reciept Items purchased: PDF Embedder Premium – Single site license PDFEmbedder-premium-4.4.1 -------------------- Where does it say the license was for one year? I'm sure you've put it somewhere where customers can't see it easily. This is really shady practice. I love your product, but this is just not right. At least make it clear about it. I gave 2 starts because the plugin is actually good.

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