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WordPress.com Editing Toolkit

Enhances the editing experience in the Block Editor.
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This plugin is not fully tested and may not work properly. It is only meant for use on the WordPress.com platform and may not be compatible with future updates.



free Testing: Try this experimental plugin with ease, designed specifically for WordPress.com environment.


proof Functionality: Enjoy the benefits of this plugin without worrying about it breaking after an update on WordPress.com.


Proof Solution - Stay ahead of updates and ensure compatibility with this forward-thinking experimental plugin.

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Needs updating

By jdgilles on May 23, 2023

I'd give a better review but it crashes if you try to update wordpress or the plugin...

Doesn't work

By vizentos on May 15, 2023

After activating the plugin I've couldn't access to WP desktop panel. I've had to rename the plugin folder to have access to my panel.

Very annoying.

After install, site is broken

By arwinvdv on March 6, 2023

Admin panel is not working anymore after installation. Error:

Een fout van het type E_ERROR werd veroorzaakt op regelnummer 130 van het bestand /home/sisoft/webapps/sisoft-nl/wp-content/plugins/full-site-editing/help-center/class-help-center.php. Foutmelding: Uncaught Error: Class "Jetpack_Options" not found in /home/sisoft/webapps/sisoft-nl/wp-content/plugins/full-site-editing/help-center/class-help-center.php:130

Wordpress error message

Still Causing major issues

By Yes Sir Gear, LLC (shawnalvarez328) on February 25, 2023

Still causing the fatal errors it has been. Recently updated four days ago, but only compatible up to 6.0.3, whereas Wordpress itself is 6.1.1. Coming from Automattic you would think they would have fixed it by now. Hopefully soon. Until then, dueces.

Causes a critical error in admin page

By robottoaster on January 7, 2023

Fortunately I installed it in a staging environment first.

There is several support threads about this, but the developer seems to be ignoring them.

Best "Show Posts" Block

By creatopia on May 5, 2022

The show posts blog for this is the best I have come across.. which is saying a lot because that's a very fundamental function for blogs and content-based sites. It's been buggy lately with the updates, but the last one solves the "can't edit or create pages" problem. Good work, and hopefully all the bugs stay resolved moving forward.

A recent update made it impossible to edit pages / Blog Posts function..

By consumerista on May 3, 2022

Edit: issue seems to be resolved. I have updated my review accordingly. I have two blogs with this plugin. On one of them, it was working great. On the other, I suddenly could not edit pages. I would get the "The editor has encountered an unexpected error" when editing/creating a new page. I didn't know what was causing this, so I disabled all plugins and it went away. Through trial and error, I discovered the issue was this plugin alone (I disabled all the others--It had nothing to do with a theme/plugin conflict.) I also updated this plugin on my other blog and started to get the exact same error. I'm not sure which update caused the issue since there were a few issued since I had last updated on the blog where it was working. When I disable this plugin, I can edit pages, but I cannot edit the Blog Posts function... It appears in the editor as "Your site doesn’t include support for the “a8c/blog-posts" Thankfully, Blog Posts still load (it's in my homepage and sidebar widget), but I won't be able to change anything until they release an update that fixes this (I may try to install an older version of this plugin). I will update my review to 5 stars when they fix this issue, as this is a great plugin otherwise, and I have been using Blog Posts for a long time. Thanks.

Great but STILL hasn't fixed page editing issue

By themaster2 on April 25, 2022

Literally I will update my review if they ever fix it. But currently the plugin is causing a HUGE issue with page editing. Which sucks. Wanna know why? Because I use the blocks on my homepage. I cannot edit these blocks on my homepage BECAUSE THERE IS A PAGE EDITING ERROR COMING UP EVERY TIME I TRY. They've released three updates and none of them have fixed the issue. To even edit a page you have to turn the plugin off and that doesn't allow you to edit the blocks because the plugin isn't actively functioning. Yes, I've reported this on the support page. It's been six days since I did. And there has been no response from the app creator that it is a priority to fix it.

Completely Broken

By ebonweaver on December 18, 2022

Originally I said:

Overall it adds nice features, but it has a massive bug in that you can not edit or create Pages while this plugin is active. You have to turn it off to edit pages otherwise you get an error page of "The editor has encountered an unexpected error." This really needs to be fixed.

But that's now moot.  Now the plugin entirely breaks the site so you can't log in.  Fortunately WP has recovery mode to get around this and remove this piece of junk.  This should be pulled from the plugins as broken and destructive until such time as a new functional version would be made.

Wipe out my homepage

By therunningbaker24 on May 20, 2021

I updated this together with Gutenberg but unfortunately, they didnt work well together. If I deactivate this I can use gutenberg and write articles smoothly but my homepage is gone. So I have to learn the classic editor and activate this for my site.

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