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Change Admin Email

This plugin allows an administrator to change the "site admin email", without sending a confirmation email from the server.
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This plugin allows an administrator to change the “site admin email”, without sending a confirmation email from the server. This can be useful for testing purposes, localhost setups, or any other situation where outbound email is disabled on the site. A new “feature” of WordPress 4.9 is that the administrator cannot change the site admin email without outgoing email setup on the server. This plugin restores the administrator’s ability to change this setting without sending a confirmation email. Note that the “site admin email” is the global email used for admin purposes on the site. It is the “from” address when the site sends an email. The “site admin email” may be different from the administrator’s personal user email, which is associated with the administrator’s user account.

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Simple and effective

By ishrashad on September 23, 2023

This plugin resolves a problem that many people must encounter: I am using Local by Flywheel to develop a WP site locally on my PC. So admin emails don't go anywhere. And I got stuck on the problem of changing the email address and not being able to verify the confirmation email. It turns out that Flywheel do have a mechanism, MailHog, to solve this, but the Change Admin Email plugin did the job effectively and fast.

Superb Plugin

By mackaloft on September 19, 2023

A great time saver. Worked first time.


By omarsalasmusic on September 14, 2023

This plugin is amazing. It did in a second what I had been trying to fix for over 3 days!


By gameiro65 on September 11, 2023

muito obrigado, adorei

Simple and Perfect Plugin

By snolanuk on September 5, 2023

Thank you for this awesome plugin - How many times I've been able to use this to make sure the real admin of the site gets all the notifications. THANK YOU 👍

Worked perfectly and easily

By stevensjerry on July 14, 2023

I've used Wordpress for years and I've never had trouble changing the administrative email address until now. I kept saving the new email address but the verification email never came and believe me, I looked everywhere repeatedly. Finally, I found out about this plugin on a troubleshooting forum. It worked easily.

Saved much potential frustration

By galatiallc on July 12, 2023

To put it simply, the plugin works well. I found it in a WP blog and I'm very satisfied. Thanks.


By darqpony on June 9, 2023

I've used this plugin for 5 (? Maybe more?) different wordpress installations for over many many years. Works every single time!

Solved my problem!!

By newfrontiergraphics on June 8, 2023

I wasn't able to change my site's admin email because wordpress wouldn't deliver to my new email's gmail inbox, even after installing the WP Mail SMTP plugin. But this plugin solved my problem completely by letting me bypass the email confirmation. Wish I'd known about this sooner. Thank you!!!!

Wow! Thank you!

By dreamoutlaw on May 18, 2023

After spending many hours and many days trying to change my admin email address in WP Settings, this plugin solved my problem in 3 minutes!

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