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Bulk Delete

Bulk delete posts, pages, users, attachments and meta fields based on different conditions and filters.
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Bulk Delete is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to delete posts, pages, attachments, users and meta fields in bulk based on different conditions and filters.

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Doesn't work

By tokegameart on August 24, 2023

I have more than 31k users, and some of them must be spammer, so i tried this plugin, tried to delete some users with no "woocommerce order". The result is 0 deleted user. i'll rate 5 stars if this feature work.

Works as intended

By NightL on July 25, 2023

Works as intended

Didn't Work - Support Ignores Us

By Rosso Digital (roberthemsing) on April 18, 2023

Paid for the premium version but the plugin simply wouldn't delete the WooCommerce Orders and Subscriptions so we decided to ask for a refund. It took them 6 days to reply to our original refund request. We haven't heard from them in two weeks and still don't have a refund. They've ignored our last three follow-up emails. Smells like more of a scam than anything else.

Deleted Users With Orders

By vorticy on March 21, 2023

I was deleting users who didn't have anything in first_name and who didn't have Orders posts. I thought it was working. Well, I was wrong. It deleted a ton of users who had orders and first names input. How can I restore these from a copy of the database?


tricky but helpfull

By arcticblue on March 1, 2023

This plugin helped me a lot in deleting 20k customers from a database with almost 60k customers. The plugin offers a lot of features, and thats why it is sometimes a bit tricky or buggy.. But it did the work.

I needed to delete customers that were older than 500 days and it did that, but what I didn recognize in the first try was, that after I tried to interrupt the deletion process by simply reloading the backend page, it silently kept going deleting those customers. Not a bad thing in my case, because I tested it on a dev site, but I had to shut down and restart my server localy, to securely interrupt and stop the batch process. So thats why you should use this plugin with caution! Just like the developer says :)

But in the end I tried also the other plugin WP Bulk Delete and that plugin didnt come with the ability to silently keep on deleting the customers. So, I switched back to this plugin "Bulk Delete" and let it do the job. Thank you!

And dont forgett to deactivate AND delete the Plugin, after you managed your users/posts/whatever, because it is a TOOL, NOT a plugin like any other. Keep your site secure by deleting Tools that are only for ONE TIME USE :)

Thanks again for this nice tool, Sudar!

Bought it, didn't activate, didn't work

By yumaheymans on February 22, 2023

Bought it, didn't activate, didn't work.

No response from the developer.

You are good peoples

By bigcheesez on December 18, 2022

thank you for sharing your hard work! Happy Holidays!

A must-have plugin to configure bulk deletion criteria

By Gabor Lippert (lunule) on February 26, 2022

Just like the title says - and the plugin works perfectly. Special thanks for not making the 'filter by custom post type' feature a premium one!! 🙇‍♂️

Does what it says on the tin! Love it!!

By sunnyp81 on January 18, 2022

Does what it says on the tin! Love it!!

Very Handy plugin

By Md. Sarwar-A-Kawsar (sakawsar) on December 23, 2021

This plugin is very useful. I keep using this when I am developing any plugin which imports test posts and using this plugin I delete test posts.

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