Barn2’s Plugin Document Library Joins InstaWP Dashboard

InstaWP is a leading WordPress staging platform that any WordPress developer can use as their full-fledged project ideation-to-delivery platform or as a testing environment for checking the viability of themes and plugins. 

Our platform has garnered huge popularity in the WordPress development community because it has extended its operations beyond a staging service provider.

With time, our tool has grown and managed to streamline WordPress development by joining hands with different plugins and development tools. 

Recently, Barn2’s Document Library plugin has been made available for pre-installation for developers using InstaWP. This partnership will aid greatly in WordPress development and will set new standards for others.

This is a great opportunity, and we’re now going to decode everything about this union. Read ahead.

Document Library – Your Way To Smooth Document Management

Offered by Barn2, Document Library is a trusted plugin that helps developers create a WordPress document library in no time. The plugin allows you to create a document library using table layout and instant search filters. This is a huge time and effort-saving plugin as it automated the entire process of document library generation.

As you use the plugin, you get to enjoy a dedicated ‘Document’ section that allows you to manage the documents differently from the images and other sorts of media files. No matter how extensive your document collection is, finding a relevant document is easy because the plugin gives you multiple types of filters. 

Use its instant search filters, sortable columns, and category filters to have your hands on relevant documents. When this plugin is in place, you don’t have to worry about anything as it can manage multiple types of documents like PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, and many others with the same ease and perfection.

That’s not the end of its offerings. There is a whole list of features that empower this plugin. Let’s have a look at them.

  • It promotes fully automated and easy document management by offering file tags like file type, file name, and many more. You also have the freedom to list the document in easy-to-search tables.
  • The tables can have columns like title, ID, images, date, and categories. You can download the tables directly on your system and use them for future reference.
  • You can also access the documents at any time and from anywhere. This makes document management a seamless task.
  • The plugin is 100% responsive and makes sure that you can access crucial documents on any screen or mobile screen at zero hassle.
  • The plugin is compatible with all the leading WordPress themes. Hence, you don’t have any worries while using it on your website. The plugin will help you reflect your brand identity in your document easily. 
  • You can download the documents the way you want as you have 3 types of download options. You can download the documents using the button, file type icon, and plain text link.
  • Document customization is easy with the Document Library plugin, as you’ve more than 50 customization options. You can choose the style and layout that resonate with your brand’s theme and identity.
  • Not only can you manage documents, but keep them protected using the Password Protection ability. You can keep the document private and control the access.

The plugin comes in Lite and Pro versions. The above-mentioned features are for the Document Library Lite Version, and you have your hands on a few more advanced features with the Document Library Pro. 

Here is a list of a few leading features of its Pro version.

  • You can do a bulk upload of documents using drag-and-drop, CSV import, and Media Library import.
  • The Pro Version has extra layout capabilities like grid layout, collapsible folders, and optional structure.
  • You have extra columns like file size, file type, status, author, document excerpts, customer fields, modified date, and many more with the Pro Version of Document Library.
  • In a nutshell, we can also say that both the free and paid versions of the Document Library plugin are designed to sort out document management for WordPress by all means possible. Any WordPress developer who aims to have seamless WordPress development can’t ignore the worth of Document Library by Barn2. 

Now, InstaWP is bringing its power to all of its users. As an InstaWP user, you can now use the Document Library plugin directly from their Dashboard. 

InstaWP and Document Library: Concord For Your Profit

With InstaWP and Document Library coming together, the WordPress community has an easy way of WordPress development. This association has tons of benefits for developers, and here is a crisp list of a few of them. 

  • Developers can now easily track the changes made during the testing phase and apply the changes during sandboxing seamlessly. 
  • WordPress sandboxing is now fully categorized and organized, as developers can manage the files automatically.  
  • Developers can control the user access to the documents during the sandboxing as the Document Library plugin helps you set up the user access and password protection.
  • You can now manage the documents used for staging sites effectively. 
  • Manage the media and text files differently for staging sites.   

How to Use InstaWP and Document Library Plugins Together

Document Library plugin from Barn2 is available in the ‘Utility’ category. All InstaWP users can use this plugin directly from the dashboard. Here are the key steps to follow to make the most of this association. 

Step #1 – Login to InstaWP

Login into your InstaWP account using the registered email ID. For this, you need to visit the website and click on the ‘Login’ option. Click here if you don’t have an InstaWP account. 

Step #2- Go to InstaWP Dashboard

Once the login or account set-up is done correctly, you’ll be auto-directed to the InstaWP Dashboard. Here, you can see the ‘Create New’ option in the middle. 

Use this to create a fresh staging site. 

You have the option to create the staging site from scratch, templates, and paid templates. Choose From Scratch.

Step #3 – Look for the Document Library plugin

Now, you can select plugins to pre-install on this site. In the ‘Utility’ section, look for the ‘Document Library’ plugin.

Select it, and select more plugins as per your requirements.

Click Create Site, and you’ll have the option to login to this site instantly. 

Step #4- Start Using LLAR with InstaWP

Click on the Magic Login button, and you’ll find that Document Library is activated in your InstaWP Dashboard. 

You’re now good to go and start using it for every staging site you create with InstaWP. 

Try InstaWP and Document Library

As InstaWP and Document Library join hands, the WordPress community now has a chance to streamline document management for staging sites. You can’t ignore this association for sure. And if you haven’t started using InstaWP, start your free trial today

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