It is hard to ignore WooCommerce and its viability when it comes to setting up an online store. While there are many reasons behind the growing love and preference for WooCommerce, the most relevant one is the fact that there is no dearth of plugin options.

For every capability and functionality you want to add to your WooCommerce store, an inventive plugin is ready to offer its help. However, abundance is not equal to quality. Only a carefully developed plugin has the potential to deliver beyond the regular. 

WPExperts, being an expert WordPress developer agency, offers a wide range of advanced WooCommerce plugins. Today, we will talk about the top 5 WooCommerce plugins this company has developed.

WPExperts: Who are They? 

Before we discuss the length and breadth of the plugin, let’s understand what WPExperts is.

It’s a well-known, experienced, and certified WordPress developer agency offering diverse solutions. Industry leaders hire WPExperts to develop client-focused websites, themes, and plugin development for WooCommerce. The company is extensively involved in endowing its customers with customized and results services like:

  • WordPress plugins and themes development 
  • WooCommerce development services
  • WordPress Migration 
  • WordPress Form Services 
  • Google Analytics 4 configuration 
  • Page Builder 
  • WP Maintenance 
  • WordPress Payment Gateways and so on

WPExperts also provides diverse WooCommerce solutions through their plugins. 

Alongside the above, it offers WooCommerce integration solutions, using which you can bring multiple 3rd party solutions together and empower your WooCommerce store. All in all, WPExperts ensures that your WooCommerce journey is smooth.

5 Best WooCommerce Plugins Crafted by

Let’s spill the beans and introduce you to the top 5 WooCommerc plugins by WPExperts that you need to up your WooCommerce game. 

#1 – Wholesale for WooCommerce

Our first pick has to be Wholesale For WooCommerce, as this plugin is all a WooCommerce store owner needs to manage and control all of the wholesale stores in one go. Activate the plugin and stop switching the tabs, as your every store will be integrated.


  • Multiple user role generations 
  • Wholesale registration form generation
  • Tax, shipping, and payment management 
  • User permissions and access control 
  • Automatic change of user role 
  • Minimum order limitations 


  • The plugin integrates smoothly and has a user-friendly interface 
  • Lightweight extension 
  • Allows you to password-protect the store 


$99 for 1 year with updates for a year

Best For: WooCommerce store owners, wholesalers, and B2B+B2C businesses dealing in wholesale products. 

#2 – Donation For WooCommerce

WPExperts developed this plugin for WooCommerce that launches fundraising campaigns at regular intervals. With the help of it, it’s possible to collect donations directly from the store. 

The best part about this plugin is that it allows you to customize your donation campaigns without much fuss. Donation for WooCommerce will enable you to integrate transaction-fee-free campaigns directly into the store so interested donors can access them easily. 


  • Create various kinds of campaigns on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Support for recurring donations
  • Define the donation amount in the campaigns
  • The round-up feature allows customers to round up the bill amount and donate the extra amount directly  
  • Auto-dispatch of ‘Thank You ‘ note when a donation is made


  • The plugin allows you to define the amount type and limit for every donation campaign
  • Installation is easy, and enough documentation support is offered
  • The plugin is a great way to incorporate CSR activities in businesses
  • Having a donation plugin allows businesses to improve their brand image


$99 for 1 year with free updates for 1 year. 

Best For: businesses adopting CSR, NGOs, and organizations that need to raise funds for animal welfare or other noble causes.  

#3 – Restaurants for WooCommerce 

Own a restaurant and seek seamless payment, table management, order handling, and everything else? Well, try the Restaurants for WooCommerce plugin by WPExperts

A sheer example of high-end utility, this plugin is here to make running a restaurant easier than before. Its users can easily generate multiple delivery options to expand their reach, create and customize menus, add multiple slots, and do tons of things. 

With this plugin, restaurants can increase the confirmation and recurring rate because it comes with Twilio integration. It allows you to automate order confirmations and share live delivery details with the customers. 


  • Label, menu, cart, and profile customization options allow a restaurant to reflect its brand values in everything.
  • Modifier generation facilities for different products and categories  
  • Cart suggestions for cross-selling
  • Display minimum order value
  • Integrate tipping option
  • Mini-cart display
  • Enable Fast Cart
  • PayPal integration


  • The plugin comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. So, you’ll have peace of mind while using it.
  • 1 year of updates and support.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce version 3.8+ or above.
  • The plugin automates and optimizes end–to–end communication.


$149 for 1 year.

Best For: Restaurant owners, street food stall owners, and hotels.

#4 Payment Plans WC

The success of any WooCommerce hugely depends on the kind of payment system it offers. WPExperts has built a highly feature-rich payment plugin, Payment Plans WC. The plugin is designed to automate every bit of the payment process.

The plugin allows customers to make full or partial payments for specific products, resulting in a direct jump in average order value and customer satisfaction. It adds security to the payment process and makes it more secure.


  • Multiple payment methods can be integrated.
  • Payment Scheduling features allow customers to schedule the payment according to their preferences.
  • Generate mixed product pages for the store.
  • Payment integration with Stripe, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and other payment methods
  • Auto cart checkout
  • Due payment notifications via emails


  • The plugin has the potential to fully automate the payment that saves time and effort for the customers.
  • The recurring payment support increases sales and revenue of the store
  • The plugin supports the automatic re-billing on failed payments
  • The plugin is compatible with LearnDash


$99 per year.

Best For: All B2B and B2C businesses that accept online payments.

#5 – License Manager

License Manager for WooCommerce is our pick from a wide range of advanced and cutting-edge plugins that WPExperts developed. The plugin is designed to help businesses or software developers manage and sell software licenses.  

With this plugin, you have the power of multiple APIs that can modify the licenses completely. If you’ve got a pre-owned license, then the plugin will help you sell it as you can import that license key from a CSV file and sell it directly to the customers.


  • Create ping requests for monitoring the client-server connection
  • Validate the customer license directly from the ID
  • Download Expires feature helps you download the expired products directly and create a license key 
  • Encrypt the license as you store them
  • RestAPI keys to generate new licenses
  • Allow Duplicates feature is helpful for creating duplicate licenses
  • Import/Export license keys in CSV and PDF formats.


  • By allowing automatic delivery of licenses, the plugin saves time and effort.
  • The plugin provides the live status of license delivery and implementation
  • SSL integration is useful for protecting the license
  • One can generate a new license or sell a previous license with the same ease and perfection


  • Single Site – $129 / year
  • Three Sites – $249 / year
  • Five Sites – $349 / year

Best For: Software developers, software development agencies, and organizations selling software

All these five WooCommerce plugins are best-of-breed, and they are all useful to enhance the capabilities and functionalities of an existing WooCommerce. Go and get them today.

Test WooCommerce Plugins with InstaWP

Found your ideal WooCommerce plugin from WPExperts’ inventory? Congrats! We knew that the list would certainly impress you. However, we still tell you not to get carried away. 

For the sake of your live store’s safety and integrity, it’s essential to test a plugin for installation. No matter which plugin you try, it’s important to test a plugin in a WordPress Sandbox before. Doing so helps you avoid: 

  • Incompatibility issues 
  • Performance slowdowns 
  • Security concerns 

InstaWP is what will help you here. 

The platform allows you to create testing or staging sites from your live site over a few clicks. The tool provides an option to save your sites as templates, too. 

With InstaWP Connect, you can migrate your staging site to InstaWP easily. Using both of these solutions, you have a chance to sandbox your WooCommerce store, test any plugin, and check its real-time viability. 

So, in order to begin testing, create your test setup from a live site, template, or scratch, and the staging site will be ready in no time. With a premium plan, you can create as many staging sites as you want. 

Try InstaWP for Plugin Testing today.


Having the help of the right kind of WooCommerce is priceless; it empowers, leverages, and makes a WooCommerce store excel on every front. 

WPExperts is a trusted WooCommerce developer that provides assorted plugin options. We listed the best five plugins, developed with full conviction, from their inventory. Go ahead and make a pick. They will surely take your existing WooCommerce store to a new high. 

Simultaneously, we recommend experimenting with these or any plugins in a staging environment using InstaWP. This is a smart move that can save you tons of hassles.