weDocs: A Great Way to Create WordPress Website Documentation

Hey there, WordPress enthusiasts! If you’ve ever managed a WordPress site, you know the struggle of keeping your documentation neat and helpful. 

It’s not just about cutting down on those never-ending support tickets; it’s also about making your users feel empowered. 

At InstaWP, our focus is always on improving your WordPress Development workflows. So today, we’re diving deep into weDocs, the one-stop solution for all your WordPress documentation needs.

Tip: You can test weDocs in a staging environment, created in 1-click using InstaWP, right now.

What’s weDocs?

weDocs is like having your personal wizard for organizing all your website’s instructions and information. It’s a special tool made just for WordPress that helps you create clear and cool-looking guides, FAQs, and helpful documents. Imagine making a magic book of knowledge that’s super easy to write and manage!

With weDocs, you can make all your instructions and details super clear for anyone visiting your site. The best part? You can style it however you want! Change colors, add pictures, and make the knowledge base look amazing to impress everyone who comes to your site.

It’s easy, fun, and makes your website a breeze to understand. Let weDocs be your secret weapon for creating awesome, user-friendly information that your visitors will absolutely love!

Why Knowledge Base Plugins Are a Big Deal

Let’s get real for a second. In the digital world, a well-organized knowledge base isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Think about it. A solid knowledge base can be your customer’s best friend, guiding them when they’re lost and offering solutions when they’re stuck. This means they won’t have to flood your inbox with questions they can answer themselves. It’s like having an extra customer support agent who works 24/7 for free!

Key and notable Features of weDocs

Alright, let’s get to the juicy part—the features. weDocs is like the Swiss Army knife of documentation plugins. Here’s what you get:

Effortless and Efficient Documentation Management: Seamlessly create and organize your WordPress documentation, making the process intuitive and easy to manage.

Drag and Drop features: Utilize a user-friendly drag-and-drop feature, enabling the sorting and organization of your WordPress documents with ease.

Instant Access through Powerful Search: Access relevant information instantly with a robust search functionality embedded within your seamless WordPress documentation.

Multilingual Capabilities with Weglot Plugin: Incorporate multilingual support by leveraging “Weglot plugin”, ensuring your documentation is accessible in multiple languages.

Customizable Themes for Brand Consistency: Customize any theme and templates if you think you can align with your brand, maintaining a consistent look and feel across your documentation.

Improved Organization with Multi Level and nested Documentation: Enhance organization by structuring content into a multi-level structured documentation system for better clarity and categorization.

Enhanced Visibility with SEO Optimization: Optimize your documentation for search engines to improve visibility, making it easier for users to find relevant information.

Efficient Permission Management: Simplify the management of permissions for any knowledge base, enabling control over access and editing rights.

Hassle-Free Migration from weDocs to BetterDocs to weDocs: Effortlessly transition from BetterDocs’s documentation to weDocs. That too without encountering any migration issues or complications.

AI-Powered Chatbot Assistance via weDocs ChatGPT: Utilize an AI powered Chatbot, providing users with instant guidance and help.

Accessible Communication through Floating Contact Form: Enable accessible communication by implementing a floating contact form, ensuring users can easily reach out for assistance or inquiries.

Key Features of weDocs (Free and Premium)

With the newly revamped weDocs, users can expect a wealth of enhancements that cater to both the free and pro versions. These updates introduce a variety of super cool features that take your documentation efforts to the next level.

The previous version of weDocs offered basic functionalities at no cost, allowing users to add documentation, create sections and necessary articles, and manage permissions in a straightforward manner. However, the latest weDocs version has got so many updates, amplifying its capabilities and usability.

This comprehensive update aims to empower users by introducing a mix of free and premium features, providing an enriched experience for creating, managing, and sharing documentation in WordPress.

The new version introduces a host of exciting functionalities, ensuring that both free and premium users can leverage a plethora of tools and enhancements to achieve superior documentation management within WordPress.

Feel free to explore these enhanced features to maximize your documentation capabilities within the latest weDocs version!

Free features of weDocs

  1. weDocs has a feature that simplifies the management of your documentation by providing a user-friendly and easy to use interface that requires no technical skills, ensuring effortless organization of your efficient knowledgebase.
  2. weDocs includes a drag-and-drop functionality within its WordPress plugin, allowing for seamless crafting and organization of documentation, providing a smooth and structured approach to sorting and arranging documents.
  3. weDocs offers a robust and efficient search feature facilitating swift access to necessary information, enabling users to find documents quickly through the search bar on your website.
  4. weDocs is prominently compatible with various WordPress language plugins such as Weglot, allowing the creation of documentation in your desired languages to cater to a vast audience, supporting over 100 or more languages.
  5. weDocs optimizes content for search pages, ensuring enhanced visibility, accessibility and enabling users to easily discover documentation, thereby improving Search Engine Results Page (SERP) performance.
  6. weDocs allows for the effortless categorization of documentation into various sections and articles, providing users with easy access to the information they require without limitations on the number of sections or articles created.

Advanced features weDocs

Permission Management

  1. Effortless Access Control: weDocs has a nice way to control any access to your Site-wide WordPress documentation. Manage who can view and interact with your resources, ensuring secure access both internally and externally.
  2. User Permission Management: Easily define and manage user permissions with weDocs. Regulate access to your knowledge base, dictating who can view, edit, or contribute to your documentation, ensuring resource protection.

Nested Documentation Structure

  1. Hierarchical Organization: Opt for weDocs’ multi-level nested documentation system, streamlining navigation for swift access to necessary information within the documents.
  2. Efficient Navigation: Categorize and organize content with weDocs’ nested structure, allowing efficient navigation and a logical layout for easy information retrieval.

Responsive Design

  1. Cross-Device Functionality: weDocs ensures a consistent user experience across devices with its responsive design, offering a satisfying experience on various screen sizes.
  2. Adaptability and Consistency:  Your documentations on your site will look and function seamlessly on all devices, maintaining a consistent user interface regardless of screen size.

Instant and Quick Search with Assistant Widget

  1. Efficient Query Resolution: Implement a robust and quality search feature with weDocs assistant widget in weDocs for quick access to relevant articles, ensuring efficient information retrieval.
  2. User-Friendly Search Tool: weDocs assistant widget helps users find information quickly, providing immediate access to relevant articles within the knowledge base.

Pre-built Layouts and Styles

  1. Customized Appearance: Tailor your articles and documentations with pre-built themes and styling options in weDocs to match your website’s identity.
  2. Consistent Design: Maintain design consistency and align with the knowledge base’s appearance with your website’s identity using weDocs’ styling features.

Floating Contact Form

  1. Enhanced Communication: Implement a floating contact form in weDocs, offering users a convenient way to reach out without leaving the documentation.
  2. Seamless Support: Users can easily contact you through email while browsing the documentation, ensuring continuous communication.

AI-assisted Chatbot with ChatGPT

  1. AI-Powered Assistance: weDocs integrates an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT, offering context-aware assistance based on your documentation or knowledge base content.
  2. Context-Aware Support: The AI bot learns from various contexts, providing accurate and relevant assistance to user inquiries.

Create and manage your documentation and knowledge bases efficiently

1. Permission management

As an owner, having control over documentation permissions is crucial. In weDocs, the Role-Based Permission Management feature grants you the ability to precisely regulate who can enter, access and edit your documentation. You can control that only authorized individuals have the appropriate level of access, maintaining the confidentiality and visibility of your documents for designated recipients.

Utilizing roles such as Admin, Editor, Author, or Viewer, or creating custom roles, weDocs enables you to fine-tune document access with precision. Additionally, the ability to lock articles helps prevent unauthorized modifications, fostering a secure environment for collaborative work and ensuring the integrity of your content.

This functionality also promotes task-oriented collaboration by different groups, streamlining your workflow efficiency. With a strong emphasis on accuracy and security measures, weDocs ensures that your documentation remains secure, dependable, and protected against any unintended changes.

Benefits you’ll get

  • Assign User Roles for Access Control.
  • Customize the Roles where permission is needed.
  • Lock Articles in order to Protect from Unauthorized Edits.
  • You can avail secured collaboration among teams.
  • Decorated and robust Workflows for Focused Tasks.
  • Enhance the perfection of Documentation

2. Assistant widget

Assistant widgets featured in weDocs revolutionize how documentation is presented and user interactions within it. These dynamic tools go beyond visual enhancements, offering interactive elements, manual and automated content pinning, personalized and customized exploration options alongside with seamless communication features, and the ability to align with your brand’s identity.

Assistant widgets in weDocs are transformative elements that bring a touch of magic to your content. They not only enhance interactivity but also infuse a sense of fun and excitement into your documents, effectively highlighting important content, enabling personalized exploration, and ensuring alignment with your unique style. Ultimately, these widgets aim to enhance the overall user experience, making document navigation exciting and effortless for everyone.

Benefits you’ll get

  • Create visually captivating documentation to engage users.
  • Highlight important articles for better content discovery.
  • Tailor user journeys for seamless navigation.
  • Seamless interaction within the documentation.
  • Customize design for brand consistency.

3. Auto and manual content management

In weDocs, you get two cool ways to manage your content. The first one is auto management – it cleverly shows the top articles based on what people like and read. Then there’s manual content arrangement and management, where you decide what goes in the Explore tab, making each user’s experience personal.

It’s like having the best of both worlds – things that pop up on their own and things you choose to show. This combo makes sure your documentation journey is awesome for everyone.

Benefits you’ll get:

  • Boosted user engagement.
  • Customized content discovery.
  • Highlights crucial updates.
  • Simplified user experience.

04. Customizable messaging tab

Customize your documents to reflect your style, and use the messaging features to communicate within your documentation environment with ease. Tailor the appearance and communication for a personalized experience.

Benefits you’ll get:

  • Brand-aligned design customization.
  • Page-specific visibility control.
  • Quick modification with pre-built designs.
  • Personalized professional messaging.

5. Custom and pre-built design widgets

weDocs brings you Custom and Pre-built Design Widgets for creating beautiful, user-friendly documentation. With customizable design elements, shape the visuals to match your brand’s identity while maintaining a consistent appearance on your website.

The pre-built design templates ensure brand consistency, offering efficient solutions and quick customization. Professionally crafted aesthetics enhance the visual appeal of your documentation, streamlining the design process and improving the user experience.

Benefits you’ll get:

  • Unified widget appearance.
  • Strengthen brand recognition and trust.
  • Swift customization using pre-built designs.
  • Elevate aesthetics with professional templates.

06. Migration feature

Experience a hassle-free data transfer from BetterDocs to weDocs. This seamless migration feature ensures a smooth transition, simplifying the process of shifting your documentation management to weDocs. 

By utilizing this user-friendly functionality, you can easily and efficiently manage your documents, benefitting from an improved and better-suited solution for your documentation needs within weDocs.

Benefits you’ll get:

  • Seamless migration of documentation from BetterDocs to your weDocs.
  • Organized documentation process. 
  • Central management of documents and articles.
  • Enhanced functionality and compatibility.
  • Continuous support and updates.
  • Simplified content management

Install Process: Start your journey with weDocs. 

The installation process is no exception than other plugins. You can download this plugin from WordPress backend or download it from the WordPress repository

Next, upload the plugin files to the WordPress > Add Plugins > Upload Plugin

Besides, you can directly download and install the plugin from your WordPress Site’s backend. 

After the migration, if you don’t see the activation button for weDocs, it’s probably because it’s already installed and active.

As it is ready, you can now start your documentation with weDocs. 

Go to weDocs> Docs> New Docs and Add Your Doc Title

Check the overview of that process. 

If you want to dig more about our plugin, explore our documentation here. And, for any kind of support, our door is always open. Knock through our website to reach our support team. 

The importance of Documentation Plugins for your business 

Whoever manages documentation on their sites, feel the essentiality of a Knowledge base plugin. They bring various advantages:

  • Effortless Customer Support: Users find answers themselves, reducing support requests.
  • Boosted User Engagement: Well-organized content encourages valuable user-brand interaction.
  • Credibility and Trust: Informative knowledge bases build trust with users.
  • Resource Efficiency: Support workloads are reduced, leading to better resource allocation.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Self-help resources increase satisfaction and speed issue resolution.

These tools are pivotal for online success, improving customer support, engagement, credibility, resource efficiency, and user experiences.

Final Thoughts

weDocs has revolutionized the search for information within WordPress. It focuses on streamlining the search process, ensuring a more delightful experience for everyone involved. With weDocs, accessing crucial information becomes effortlessly simple.

From robust permission management to the AI chatbot feature, weDocs offers a comprehensive suite of tools that significantly simplify and enhance your documentation experience. This comprehensive range of features ensures that managing and accessing information becomes seamless, making your overall documentation process easier and more efficient.

Try weDocs Now

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