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Spice Box

Enhance Spicethemes WordPress Themes functionality.
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This plugin is the for SpicePress themes. It creates the slider section , service section, portfolio section and testimonial on home page in the Spicepress theme. Spice Box is a plugin build to enhance the functionality of WordPress Theme made by Spicethemes. This plugin create repeater controls in the customizer settings allowing you to create a live site without moving out to customizer screen. Right now plugin have a support for Spicepress WordPress Theme. In future this plugin will support other themes by Spicethemes.

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By nematkhakjoo5 on December 26, 2021

veriii ggooooddd

Spicebox is not compatible with my PHP 7.3

By givemyresume on December 3, 2019

Hi There! I am have updated my PHP version 7.2 to 7.3 no there is problem with my Spice Box plugin that It is not showing the customize content of my WordPress site. Is there is any one who can help in this matter? I am not a code developer so I don't know what to do with this problem. Anyone who can resolve this issue then Please.

Fixed another broken feature

By jonghj on June 3, 2020

june 3 2020 Another update that breaks the chilly theme. Spicepress got a new feature which works fine, Chilly however shares most files with spicepress but alas.. the include file is missing from the list of include files for the chilly theme. to fix it: check spicebox.php file for the line containing (line 53): if ( 'Chilly' == $theme->name || 'SpiceBlue' == $theme->name){ then insert this line below line 53: //Alpha Color Control require( SPICEB_PLUGIN_DIR . '/inc/controls/customizer-alpha-color-picker/class-spicepress-customize-alpha-color-control.php'); so your file will look like: if ( 'Chilly' == $theme->name || 'SpiceBlue' == $theme->name){ //Alpha Color Control require( SPICEB_PLUGIN_DIR . '/inc/controls/customizer-alpha-color-picker/class-spicepress-customize-alpha-color-control.php'); ========================================================= Another older issue: Today was the second time my website was badly broken by this plugin, due to the fact that there is an error in the include section.. it wants to include a file that does not exist. therefore the site throws a 500 server error. I fixed this for the first time by renaming the file in order for it to be opened. Also added that to the support pages, but today just a repetition of moves. again an update and again with the bad code. I keep fixing this manually, but spicebox is not on auto update any longer.

Hace cambios sin permiso al instalarlo y estropea tu Web

By jmsdan on January 23, 2019

No recomiendo para nada instalar este Plugin. Hace cambios no autorizados: - Te cambia el logotipo por el suyo - Te cambia la página de inicio y pone texto para hacerse publicidad.... - Te cambia el pié de página y pone su propio logotipo. No lo instales, sobre todo en producción. Te estropea todo.... ¡¡¡¡¡NADA RECOMENDABLE!!!!!

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Spice Box

Enhance Spicethemes WordPress Themes functionality.

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