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Simple CSS

Add CSS to your website through an admin editor, the Customizer or a metabox for page/post specific CSS.
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Need to add some custom CSS to your site? Simple CSS gives you an awesome admin editor and a live preview editor in the Customizer so you can easily add your CSS.

Tom Usborne  
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Excellent plugin

By ws24 on September 23, 2023

By far the best plugin to add custom css, I have been using it for years now and in many websites.

Awesome plugin to give non admins CSS access

By thessnake03 on April 11, 2023

great solution to give certain users CSS access without giving them too much access

Please update

By itsmeagh on January 18, 2023

Please update is amazing plugin.

Brilliant - shaved 75% off my page load time

By Keirwatson on February 9, 2021

I had been struggling with page speed but could see in GT Metrix that custom CSS (Jetpack) was taking over 1 second to load. Copied it over to Simple CSS and page load dropped from 3.3 seconds to 0.8s! That's a 75% reduction - fantastic!!! [Also, I love that I can drop a little bit of CSS into the meta box for some post-specific tweaks - so cool, saves CSS bloat for rarely used styling]

Thanks! Everything you do turns to gold, Tom :)

By digifix on September 15, 2020

This solves so much for me/us. I regret not finding this before. Why did I not find this until today? I just clicked every single link on Toms website (generatepress.com) to figure out if I missed some other amazing things. Newsletter from Tom? Yes please.

Great, almost perfect !

By Menace II Society (menace2society) on August 24, 2020

Hello Tom, Any chance in future versions that custom CSS will work on index pages (Blog, archives ...)? I think those are the only things this plugin lacks to be perfect. Thanks Tom for all your wonderful work :) Cordially.

Nice plugin

By nayon129250 on August 2, 2020


Unused CSS Wonderchild!

By shirtguy72 on May 19, 2020

Wonderfully lightweight and useful plugin, much thanks!

A Must for All Developers' Tool Kit

By agentbey on April 25, 2020

This plugin is a simple tool that speeds up my web dev workflow. I use it for all my site build projects. Highly recommend it!

One of the first things I install

By scott_redletter on October 21, 2019

As soon as I start a site, I install this plugin right away. Simple - but effective.

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