5 Ways to Demonstrating your WordPress Product with Perfection


Can you think of one thing (other than building a flawless product, obviously) that contributes immensely towards the success of a WordPress product? It’s an upright projection.

How you demonstrate your products can decide the obscurity or success of your WordPress. Despite that, many of us fail to decode the key to success here. 

WordPress developers and agencies struggle big time to master the art of demonstrating their WordPress products impressively. So, in this guide, you’re going to tell you the profound importance of WordPress product demos, along with another method that can help developers and agencies to highly the USPs of their products, leading to immediate adoption. 

Let’s begin the guide by knowing the importance of WordPress product demos.

Importance of Product Demos

A product demo is a short and limited presentation of any product, software, or service. In terms of WordPress products, it refers to offering a controlled presentation of a theme or plugin. 

Developers or agencies can use a WordPress product demo to provide targeted customers with a hands-on experience of the real-time capabilities and functionalities of the concerned theme or plugin. 

The demo is provided in a simulated environment and often involves a guided tour of the key features and offerings. 

Customers can check this demo before investing money in a product and check whether the product meets their expectations and can handle their requirements. Offering a WordPress plugin demo can do wonders for developers and agencies in unimaginable ways. 

It Gives A Real-time Overview of Your Product 

A WordPress plugin demo is an easy way to showcase how the plugin can work in real-time. As the demo highlights the WordPress product’s core features and functionalities, getting familiar with usability is easy. It increases the adoption rate because the targeted audience can see how it works, how it’s used, and how it can benefit them in a real-world context. 

It Builds a Trust Like No Other Approach Else 

It’s an easy way to build trust and gain the confidence of the users. When you provide a WordPress product demo, customers think highly of you and find you a confident provider. As trust is a vital component of any successful business relationship, offering a plugin live demo or theme live demo helps you in the trust-building process. 

Prospects Get Rid of Uncertainties 

A live plugin demo is also a great way to get rid of doubts and concerns that prospective users will have about your WordPress product. A well-executed demo can successfully showcase the product’s ease of use, reliability, and performance. This information provides great clarity to intended users and takes them in confidence. 

It Helps You Shine Out 

Offer a comprehensive WordPress product demo sets any of the developer and WordPress agencies apart from their peers.

It Ensures Better User Engagement 

If you’re dealing with poor user engagement with your plugin, try offering a WordPress plugin demo. Demos are great at boosting user engagement as they can leave a lasting impression and encourage users to explore your product further.

It helps you Improve Product Quality 

If your plugin is yet to be launched and you need to make it an ideal market fit, you need to gather user feedback and make amends accordingly. WordPress product demos can gather reviews and feedback from users. This feedback can be invaluable for making improvements, fixing issues, and tailoring your product to meet users’ needs more effectively.

Considering all the above-said points, we have no qualms to admit that WordPress product demos are the knight in shining armor for anyone extensively involved in WordPress development. Without it, winning over the targeted audience’s heart is not going to be an easy job. 

5 Methods to Demonstrating your WordPress Product Right 

Now that you know the importance of WordPress, let’s move to knowing viable methods to demonstrate your WordPress products effectively. 

# 1 – Setup a Live Product Demo using InstaWP 

Our first recommendation is to use InstaWP for setting up a live plugin demo. As mentioned above, a product demo is a non-negotiable aspect of launching a product.

But it’s not easy to have an interactive demo. 

Developers often have to deal with security concerns and have to pay attention to tons of things. This is when InstaWP comes to their rescue. As we all know, it’s easy to create and host a WordPress sandboxing ecosystem quickly and easily without getting tangled in the hosting hassle.

You can use InstaWP to demonstrate plugins and themes. This tool allows you to set up a theme live demo and a plugin live demo. 

Setup a WordPress Product Demo – Read this Guide →

Creating Staging with InstaWP

As and when you plan to launch a WordPress product demo with the help of InstaWP, you can set up a staging environment with full security and use it to launch the demo of the WordPress products. Wondering what a staging ecosystem is? Click here to learn more about it.

You have a wide range of features and functionalities at your disposal to develop live demos. For instance, you have free SSL, DB editor, Code Editor, Faker Integration, PHP Configurations, and many more features to empower live demo set-up.

It’s an awesome tool for launching live plugin demos, provided you use it correctly. 

Points to Ponder

You need to keep a few things in your mind to make the most of its settings and functionalities.

  • You should select a user-friendly set-up that replicates your actual site perfectly and use appropriate security measures for your live demo. Your focus should also be on demonstrating the core features and functionalities of your product.
  • Make sure that the most prominent and valuable aspects are the part of your live demo that will resonate with your target audience.
  • Lastly, we would recommend you populate the demo with realistic content, such as sample blog posts, images, or products if applicable.

Steps to Configuring a WordPress Sandbox Demo

Now that you’re very much aware of the power of InstaWP and its usability for the WordPress plugin demo, it’s time to know how you can use it. Well, the process is simple, and we’re going to give you a quick overview here.

  1. Start the process by signing up with InstaWP and setting up an account.
  1. After successful sign-up, click on the ‘Create New’ option and build the site from scratch. you can tweak the configuration, label, WP version, and other site details as you create it. InstaWP even allows you to pre-install plugins on the go.
  1. Use the ‘Auto Login’ feature to access a newly created WordPress instance. Within this instance, install your WordPress product, whether it’s a plugin, theme, or both.
  2. Customize the instance to make the WordPress product demo resonate with your brand value.
  3. Launch this instance for public use by sharing the InstaWP demo URL with your target audience or embedding it on your website for easy access.
  1. Use this live demo setup to showcase the features and functionalities of your plugin and theme.

That’s it. An interactive WordPress product demo is ready to lure your targeted audience in a risk-free and engaging manner.

Try ClickWhale Product Demo powered by InstaWP →

#2 – Have Full-fledged Product Documentation in Place 

While launching a WordPress product demo will help you have a seamless and impressive demonstration of your WordPress product demo, you have a lot of work to do. 

Your first step should be offering detailed product documentation related to the plugin/themes. 

While you’re designing documents for your WordPress products, make sure that you’re talking about the set-up and usability in detail. You should provide a step-by-step setup guide so that your users don’t have to look elsewhere when they plan to use your plugin/theme in detail. 

This eliminates the need to provide detailed tech support, as tons of things are sorted beforehand. If you’re offering different types of documents, don’t forget to tag all of them perfectly and sort them category-wise. This way, it will be easy for your targeted users to find relevant documents easily. 

#3 – Allow Prospects to Schedule Demo Calls/Meetings 

There is no point in offering a demo if your audiences are not able to make the most of it or are not even aware that it exists. You need to highlight this offering and encourage users to be a part of it and avail of this facility. 

You can make it happen by using scheduling software like Calendly, using which, your prospects can easily schedule demo calls. Don’t forget to add a ‘Schedule a Demo’ button on your website. With these measures, you can succeed in demonstrating your WordPress product effectively. 

#4 – Add a Demo video on your Website 

You should consider adding a demo video directly on your website because your prospects will first visit your website and then move to any other marketplace to learn about your plugins or themes. While you plan to do so, make sure that the demo video is clear, visually appealing, and concise.  

The strategic placement of the video also matters as it leads to quick notice. We recommend placing the video on the homepage and product page of the website. The use of visually striking thumbnails and striking headlines make sure that the demo can grab the attention of the prospects. 

To make it more enticing and engaging, use transcripts or captions in the video. This way, you make your demo video accessible to a wider audience and increase its reach. Lastly, don’t forget to optimize the video to make it compatible with mobile devices as well. A great deal of customers use their mobile phones to research and even purchase a service/product. 

Even though we know that WordPress development is not going to happen over a mobile phone, you should consider creating mobile-optimized demos. 

#5  – Create a Nice Product Overview Page

Lastly, we will recommend you use a well-structured product overview page providing a crisp product description. It should talk about the features and benefits of the intended product and their benefits in detail. To make sure all these details don’t look clumsy, we advise the use of bullet points and appealing visuals.

If you’re using images and graphics in your product overview page, make sure that you’re using high-resolution images, infographics, and screenshots. To increase the impact factor of your product overview page, add real-time and genuine customer reviews and testimonials to build trust.

You can go a step ahead and add a comparison chart about your plugins with immediate peers so that your targeted audience can make an informed decision.

Bonus Tips for WordPress Product Creators

Before we wrap this post, let’s tell some little yet powerful secrets related to flawless WordPress development. 

  • Try to develop products related to a specific niche, and it should be capable of fixing a specific problem and trends. Such a product outshines others for sure. 
  • Before commencing the development, you should consider conducting market research to know the pain points and understand the competition in a better manner. 
  • Keep your focus on improving the UX/UI because it hampers the user engagement rate. It should be simple, seamless, and effortless. 
  • Your WordPress product should have great flexibility and scalability. It must evolve according to the needs of the hour and have scope for future usability. 
  • Pay strict attention to the security of your WordPress product and make sure it’s free from risks and vulnerabilities. 
  • Carefully consider your pricing model. If you’re offering a paid version, then consider offering a free version for sure and create multiple subscriptions for the paid version. This way, you can target a wide range of audience. 


Creating WordPress plugins or themes can be a great alternative source of income for WordPress developers as these resources are in huge demand, and the entire WordPress development is powered by them. 

However, developing a feature-rich theme/plugin is not enough. Developers and agencies need to learn how to position their products effectively so that they grab the attention, outshine their peers, and help you earn a fortune. 

Your best bet in this regard is offering a WordPress product demo that will provide a real-time overview of your product to the end-users. While you do so, don’t forget to take the help of InstaWP. With its help, you can create a plugin live demo or theme live demo without any hassles and hurdles. Try it now and start bringing your WordPress products into the limelight today.

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