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Case Studies

Decoding Real-World Scenarios: The Power of Case Studies
How Grenade’s FooEvents Plugin Grew Business with InstaWP
Read chat with Robin Pietersen, co-founder of Grenade, the company behind FooEvents, to learn how adopting InstaWP in their workflow helped them achieve impressive growth.

Editorial Staff

Apr 12, 2023 2min read

Case Study: GravityKit Uses InstaWP Sandboxes to Showcase Their Products and Generate Sales
Read our chat with him and see how InstaWP is essential in demonstrating what GravityKit tools are capable of.

Editorial Staff

Feb 20, 2023 2min read

What Our Customers Say

“InstaWP is a super easy way to spin up WordPress sites for demos or testing. We use it daily!”

Chris Lubkert

Co-founder of Extendify

“InstaWP looks awesome and that worked crazy fast, like magic!”

Lesley Sim


For me as a freelancer working as a digital consultant and website creator I found it a great tool for launching new websites. We can create presets of themes + plugins. A few seconds and the website is ready with SSL already configured. Besides that it is the best tool I found to let me try and study new WordPress themes, plugins, Gutenberg blocks and so on. There are also other great features you should know . I recommend it!”

Mario Gonçalves


“We use InstaWP to power our integrated WordPress plugin demo/trial site for our customers. We use InstaWP to provide our support team with a fast, simple way to reproduce customer environments and test releases. We use InstaWP as part of our automated workflow to generate end-to-end testing. InstaWP is already impressive and they continue to add new, powerful, functionality at a rapid clip. The InstaWP team is achieving excellent outcomes for my business with their powerful and useful features as well as their wonderful customer support. Thank you Vikas and the whole InstaWP team!”

Zack Katz

Web Developer

“Being able to spin up a WordPress site in seconds is awesome! And with the Configuration features InstaWP provides, I can spin up a site for a client site development with all the plugins and themes I need for the project at a moment’s notice.

K. Sim