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“InstaWP is a realy easy way to quickly setup up WordPress sites,we do use it everyday, and is one of my favorite timesaving tools. Amazed with the responsive (and personal) support, question get near instant help/reply & ongoing development and features added often. delivers up an above expectations. InstaWP changed how we develop & setup websites in a better & faster way.”

Ronald Eshuis


Rogier Lankhorst

Founder, Really Simple SSL

“Really Simple SSL needed a specific set-up for multisite so we could run proper tests between different PHP versions and plugin configurations. InstaWP is the fastest way of running user tests across the board.”

Lesley Sim

Founder, NewsletterGlue.com

“InstaWP looks awesome and that worked crazy fast, like magic!”


Marketer, Ladomery

“Vikas, InstaWP is super useful and so polished. It’s such a joy to use!”

Mario Gonçalves


“For me as a freelancer working as a digital consultant and website creator I found it a great tool for launching new websites. We can create presets of themes + plugins. A few seconds and the website is ready with SSL already configured. Besides that it is the best tool I found to let me try and study new WordPress themes, plugins, Gutenberg blocks and so on. There are also other great features you should know . I recommend it!”

Paul Kelsall


“Being using InstaWP for 5 months now and makes spinning up a site soooo much easier. Use it as a staging platform and it just works. Great support too! Very happy with it.”

K. Sim


“Being able to spin up a WordPress site in seconds is awesome! And with the Configuration features InstaWP provides, I can spin up a site for a client site development with all the plugins and themes I need for the project at a moment’s notice.

Mohamed Al Hakeem


“The website template feature saved me countless hours. Support is very professional, they actually solve your problems rather than direct you to some docs.”

Max Ziebell

Web Designer

“I absolutely love InstaWP! It has completely changed the way I develop and design WordPress sites.”


Founder, Iconic Templates

“InstaWP has been fantastic with customer support and an invaluable added bonus to our template shop iconictemplates.com..”
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Chris Lubkert


“InstaWP is a super easy way to spin up WordPress sites for demos or testing. We use it daily!”

Leonardo Losoviz


“I use InstaWP to run integration tests on GitHub Actions, to validate that my WordPress plugin works against an actual WordPress site.
InstaWP makes this feasible as they provide an API which I use to:
– Launch a new InstaWP instance with a WP site with pre-loaded data
– Execute my tests against this site
– Finally destroy the instance
And all of this I can already do on their free tier… that’s just wonderful!
I’m very happy with them so far, and I quite recommend this service 👍”

The Iconic Expressions


“InstaWP has been fantastic with customer support and an invaluable added bonus to our template shop iconictemplates.com.”

Shawn Hesketh


“Vikas and his team always provide prompt, friendly support anytime I reach out. Excellent product with the perfect feature set for our needs… plus great support!”

Vinay Singh


“Great services its virtual hosting and WordPress Platefrom to build the website online faster way”

Daniel Schutzsmith

Digital Project Manager

“I’ve been looking for a service where I could start providing a reusable tech stack to begin all of my WordPress projects with and InstaWP has done an amazing job providing that environment. It even spins up faster than any host I’ve ever worked with!”

Dan Stanley

Web Developer

“This tool really enhances my workflow as a WP developer. So fast to spin up a new install and get working.”



“I am Japanese. I use machine translation for support. They are quick to respond to bug reports, requests for additional features, etc. They answer quickly. instaWP is very quick to start up WordPress. I am satisfied with it. Plugin operation test, demo site Temporary storage of web site I use it for various purposes. The user interface does not support Japanese, but it is very easy to understand. But it is very easy to understand.”

Zack Katz

Web Developer

“We use InstaWP to power our integrated WordPress plugin demo/trial site for our customers. We use InstaWP to provide our support team with a fast, simple way to reproduce customer environments and test releases. We use InstaWP as part of our automated workflow to generate end-to-end testing. InstaWP is already impressive and they continue to add new, powerful, functionality at a rapid clip. The InstaWP team is achieving excellent outcomes for my business with their powerful and useful features as well as their wonderful customer support. Thank you Vikas and the whole InstaWP team!”

Nick Nutsubidze

Web Developer

“Amazing features, and amazing Support!”

Ritesh Katore


“Great product with amazing support”