If your current thoughts are – Why WordPress? Should I choose WordPress for creating a blogging platform or any website of that sort? Is it worth it for beginners or advanced developers? Then in this post, I will tell you all the reasons to use WordPress

When you set out to start your blog or a website, there’s no shortage of options to use your content management system. That is a platform you use to build your website and publish content. 

I am being upfront that there is no contest in choosing the right CMS. WordPress is the best for the vast majority of bloggers and here I am going to tell you reasons to use WordPress. 

What is WordPress? 

In technical terms, WordPress is an open source content management system, first released in 2003 and is written in PHP that uses MySQL or MariaDB database. 

In layman’s terms, WordPress is the simplest, free, and most popular way to create a website or a platform for blogging. 

Content Management System is a software application that makes it easy to create and modify important aspects of your website & publish content without needing to know about coding. In conclusion, WordPress makes building a website accessible for anyone – WordPress for developers and non-developers. 

reasons to use wordpress-CMS

Moving further, WordPress comes into two different versions that I will explain here in brief – 

  • WordPress.org – It is free self-hosted software that you can install directly in your own web hosting to create a website that’s 100% yours. It means you will need a web host and register a domain name of your choice to create a custom website with WordPress. It gives you full control over everything, and you can create a website/blog.

[Note* In this post, keep in mind whenever I am talking about WordPress, we are going to focus on WordPress.org] 

  • WordPress.com – On the other hand, is a fully hosted service that you can use to build a blog or a website without having to manage the underlying technology (web host, domain name, backups, updates, etc) by yourself, unlike WordPress.org.

Reasons to Use WordPress

  1. It is open source & free
  2. It’s easy to use & learn
  3. WordPress acts as SEO friendly
  4. The software is safe & secure
  5. It is highly customizable
  6. It is also adaptable
  7. You get huge community support
  8. WordPress is scalable
  9. You have full control over your website
  10. Bonus – WordPress is used by big brands

1. It is Open Source & Free


One of the main reasons why you can use WordPress for website projects is because WordPress.org is a free open-source CMS platform. It is a self-hosted version that gives you the control to use, modify, and contribute to the core software. Besides, it is free for anyone to download. 

You can use it for any type of website project you want it to be. WordPress is an open-source project that’s been around since 2003. It means that thousands of WordPress developers contributed (& still doing) to improve it constantly. 

(Note* WordPress is free to install & use but you’ll need to pay for web hosting, domain name, & paid plugins/themes that you plan to use in WordPress. But overall, you can absolutely keep your WordPress costs minimum.)

2. It’s Easy to Use & Learn

Another of the many main reasons to use WordPress for website projects is that 

  1. It is super easy to use for anyone with just basic coding skills or not at all. 
  2. Another reason to use WordPress is that it is pretty easy to learn and saves you time. 

WordPress despite being the most flexible and powerful platform is quite easy to use. It comes with a simple dashboard with several menu options listed clearly. It is not only easy for developers but also for clients to update their websites themselves. 

Apart from that, learning WordPress development environment is quite simple, even if you’ve never dealt with CMS or built websites. There aren’t many roadblocks to gaining access to the software, one can install, add a theme, maybe install a plugin, and jump right into creating content. 

Besides, there are plenty of blog posts, tutorials, and even online courses that can help you in understanding WordPress. Once you get a hang of it, you can start implementing advanced functionality to gain full control over your website.

3. WordPress acts as SEO Friendly

WordPress acts SEO-friendly and that’s not just us talking. It’s true, that Google and other search engines love WordPress because of its semantic markup and high-quality code. Speaking of search engine optimization, WordPress offers a variety of tools to make sure that your website can be easily crawled by search engines and included in their search results. 

If SEO is not your forte, don’t worry. Plenty of free & paid WordPress plugins are available to help you with SEO. You can check out Yoast SEO, Rank math, etc. Additionally, WordPress is optimized for mobiles so you can serve traffic from different sources. 

Website speed is another important factor for SEO, luckily, WordPress is built for speed. Most themes you use are lightweight so as to reduce loading time.

4. The Software is Safe & Secure

reasons to use WordPress-security

No CMS or website is 100% secure, there are always new threats popping up, so it’s essential to use a platform that takes online security seriously. That’s one of the reasons to use WordPress, it is created with security in mind. WordPress always pushing out new updates and security patches, so as to keep you a step ahead of everyone else. 

WordPress has a dedicated security team that looks after the platform’s security and improves it by fixing any problems. Besides, you can always use a web host service that takes security seriously and take additional steps like two-factor authentication to secure your website a notch up.

5. It is Highly Customizable

Unlike many CMS platforms, WordPress is popular because it meets the demands of thousands of users at a time with its flexible framework. It has unlimited possibilities to be creative, even for non-tech savvy folks, WordPress is a perfect solution to nail a website. 

reasons to use WordPress-Customizable

With hundreds of themes, WordPress can help you customize your design to anyone you prefer. The pre-made themes are easy to customize or you can create one of your own. They allow you to customize a page layout, colors, logos, backgrounds, fonts, and much more without the need for code! 

Furthermore, you can add new features/functionalities to your website with the help of plugins. There are thousands of free plugins you can use right away and if you can spend a few bucks then get paid plugins as well. You can use them to manage SEO tasks, create an online shop for clients, increase security, create backups, and more. 

Keep in mind that plugins come from third parties and they may not necessarily be compatible with your WordPress theme.

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6. It is also Adaptable

reasons to use WordPress-adaptable

One of the common misconceptions that people had (or still have) about WordPress is that it’s mainly a blogging platform. At one point in time, that was the case, however, over the years WordPress development has drastically changed. 

In fact, WordPress is at an advantage due to its blogging capabilities, as it is by far the fastest way to write & publish blogs. WordPress is so adaptable that is achieved because of various themes & plugins, you can turn your platform into any type of website. 

From portfolios, forums, and e-commerce sites, to business sites, galleries, etc, you can mold your WordPress into any form.

7. You get a Huge Community Support

One of the major benefits of having a WordPress for your website projects is the huge global, supportive community of WordPress developers, users, and anyone who uses WordPress. 

WordPress is massive and widely spread with a friendly and supportive community that comes together to contribute to the WordPress project. With such a large community comes lots of available information related to the platform. You’ll not find yourself confused or lonely when you are stuck at the back-end or front-end challenges.

8. WordPress is Scalable

One of the most challenging aspects of running a website is scaling it. The more content you publish or traffic you get, the higher strain becomes on your CMS. It is the key to choosing a quality web hosting provider to scale your website. However, CMS also plays an integral role in scaling. 

Fortunately, we have WordPress which is extremely scalable. It powers some of the most popular sites on the web, not only that your website can serve thousands of logged-in users & sustain millions of monthly page views in WordPress.

9. You have Full Control over your Website

WordPress is what we call ‘self-hosted’ CMS! It means you own every square inch of your website. Whether it’s the web host you’ve chosen or domain name, or the themes, plugins, and data you’ve added. 

You can do anything you want with your website without having to follow under restrictions or anybody messing with your bytes. Besides, you are not tied to a single hosting platform, you can switch providers anytime. Also, you have full ownership of the content you create.

Bonus point: WordPress is used by Big Brands

If all the above reasons are not enough proof for you to start using WordPress, then this one reason can change your mind for the better. According to statistics from Kinsta, WordPress now powers 43.3% of websites on the internet and it shows no sign of slowing down. 

Moreover, it is used by some of the biggest brands we all know about. Like, Sony Music, The New York Times, The Walt Disney Company, Fortune, Vogue, Beyoncé, and so many more.

Wrapping Up

We are finally at the end of our post! With this article, I wanted to help you realize the importance of choosing and having a WordPress over any other CMS platform for your website. These are some of the reasons to use WordPress, but you’ll find that there are many other reasons to use WordPress. 

It is the most widely used website platform because of the exact reasons you read above. Whether it is because of its free, customizable WordPress development tools or the huge community support, WordPress is for sure a versatile website platform for both beginners and advanced users.

Do you remember how we talked in general about how you can install any WordPress development tools or plugins to enhance your website? And how it advances your WordPress functionalities, customizes the website as per your liking, and what not. Here, we have one of the popular tools used for testing sites – InstaWP. If you want to not cause any impact to your live site but also test out new updates, plugins, or themes, what you must do? You can use the staging site to test all your tools and look at how it feels without affecting your live website.

InstaWP lets you create staging sites within minutes. It is a useful tool for all workflows – whether it is building sites for clients, developing a WordPress product, testing with WordPress, or as an educational tool (for all beginners’ tech students who wants to try WordPress).