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Free Personal Professional Agency
Basic Options
Active Sites 5 10 25 50
Reserve Sites
Space 500 MB 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB
Site Expiry 48 hrs 7 Days 7 Days 15 Days
Save Versions
Advance Options
Git Operations (/mo) 100 500 2500 5000
Custom Domain
FTP Access
Adv Configurations
SSH Access
Clone Sites
Advance Deployments
API Quota 100 600 2400 6000
Run Commands
Template 1 5 10 25
Template Sites 5 10 25 50
Advance Templates
Instant Templates
Export Sites as CSV
Create Team
Team Members 5 members

Hear what our clients say

InstaWP has become a must-have tools for many of our customers and they love it! and.. we love them!

InstaWP looks awesome and that worked crazy fast, like magic!

Lesley Sim


This is the future of launching ready to use WordPress sites

Spencer Forman


InstaWP hits the sweet spot for our company. I can spin up a dev site quickly and decide if it is going to stick around or let it go after our project. I have so many orphaned devsites, and since we started using InstaWP that is a thing of the past. I've also been very happy with the platform developments that have continued to improve our experience as we get more comfortable using the service.

George Faerber


Really Simple SSL needed a specific set-up for multisite so we could run proper tests between different PHP versions and plugin configurations. InstaWP is the fastest way of running user tests across the board.


Rogier Lankhorst

Owner, Really Simple SSL

I’ve been looking for a service where I could start providing a reusable tech stack to begin all of my WordPress projects with and InstaWP has done an amazing job providing that environment. It even spins up faster than any host I’ve ever worked with!

Daniel Schutzsmith

Digital Project Manager

InstaWP is an amazing platform and has transformed how i am able to grow my youtube channel and my WordPress training business



We have been using InstaWP for the past few months and it is a big time saver tool for any WP developer.



The variability of plugin configurations of Complianz is extensive and while automated for our users, they are tested continuously, one by one, with the help of InstaWP fast and reliable template set-ups and different server configurations.

Aert Hulsebos

Owner, Complianz

Frequently asked questions

What’s the best thing about Switzerland?

As a guest user (without an account) a site has a life time of 8 hours, but you can extend it to 48 hours with a free account. In our paid plans, you can extend it for much longer.

We limit guest users to create 3 sites but a free registered account will give you a limit of 5 websites. You can increase sites limit with our paid plans.

We do the heavy lifting at the backend to launch an instant WordPress Sandbox for you. Our systems automatically provision a WordPress in less than a second in our server farm for you.

Yes, you can create a template and share with anyone on the internet in the free plan. However, we do limit the active sites and advance template options in the free plan.


Almost every feature is available in the free plan, but if you want to increase site life time, disk space, etc you can choose to upgrade. Some features like SSH access, Team feature, Advance templates etc are available in paid plans.