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Yoast Test Helper

This plugin makes testing Yoast SEO, Yoast SEO add-ons and integrations and resetting the different features a lot easier.
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This plugin makes testing Yoast SEO, Yoast SEO add-ons and integrations and resetting the different features a lot easier. It also makes testing database migrations a lot easier as it allows you to set the database version and see if the upgrade process runs smoothly.

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Worked like a charm!

By cXD4931 (xbor17) on August 24, 2023

One week trying to find how to solve 404's around content translated with WPML that Yoast was messing around with till I found that. Installed this plugin, made a reset on Yoast tables and plugins, made a new onboarding and a new optimization of the plugin (same process like when you install it for the first time) and everything solved in 15 minutes. And without losing any canonicals, titles, or descriptions. Thanks for this little plugin team Yoast!

The the data optimization tool got stuck - Fixed

By pretobrazza on November 22, 2022

Hi all, My the data optimization tool got stuck. After following the instructions from Jose V. @ Yoast, this plugin solved the problem instantly. Wonderfull tool! Thank you!

Fixed breadcrumbs URLs after migration

By erniecom on May 26, 2022

In order to automate things in a script the wp-cli support is missing

Fixed yoast breadcrumb issue

By hawbsl on April 19, 2021

Fixed yoast breadcrumb issue

A test review

By brilpoetsdoekje on January 12, 2021

Because it's a test plugin.

Fixed breadcrumbs links

By Piotr Zalog (znawca kaszanki) on July 30, 2020

This plugin has fixed my problems with breadcrumbs and broken links to category and pustom post type. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/breadcrumbs-broken-links-for-post-category-and-custom-post-type

fixed an issue

By hifi2007 on July 9, 2020

Had an issue with the latest update and saw error message in my focus keywords error was An error occurred in the 'previouslyUsedKeywords-usedKeywords' assessment this plugin should be used by default and integrated into the main version which would solve lots of issues

This plugin helped fix the 'wp_yoast_indexable' already exists issue

By bramchi on June 9, 2020

This plugin helped me deal with the 'wp_yoast_indexable' already exists error that I got after cloning a website for a migration. One click of the 'Reset Indexables tables & migrations' button fixed it. Not sure if that shouldn't just be fixed in the core Yoast SEO plugin, but this plugin did help with that so 5 stars baby!

Fixed my canonical using old site address

By webcoast on June 6, 2020

I developed a site on a temporary URL (eg using IP address) because the client had an existing website. When I swapped across and made the new site live I used Velvet Blue plugin to update all the references to the old temporary domain. But the canonical URL didn't swap across to the domain name, it stayed as the old temporary URL. I installed Yoast Test Helper and clicked on 'Reset Indexables' and it worked! Canonicals updated, including pages that use WooCommerce. Thanks for the plugin!

Great for fixing upgrade errors to yoast version 14+

By cashbee on May 27, 2020

I only needed the Reset indexables & migrations Button, it immediately fixed my erronous upgrade from Yoast 13.X to 14.2 (wp_yoast_indexable already exists). No data was lost, and I had to make only 1 click. Nice

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