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Visual CSS Style Editor

Style your WordPress site visually. Discover the most popular front-end design plugin! Try live demo.
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YellowPencil is a WordPress plugin that allows you to visually customize your website without any coding. With over 60 style properties and advanced design tools, you can easily adjust colors, fonts, sizes, positions, and more. The plugin is compatible with any theme and page builder, and there is a paid version available with additional features.


Customize Your Website

Customize any page and theme without coding with the most popular front-end design plugin.

Visual Editing Made Easy

Style your WordPress site visually with a visual CSS editor and take full control over your website's design.

Advanced Design Tools

Access advanced design tools and ready-to-use libraries for effortless styling of your website.

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Useless free version

By zollo on August 8, 2023

Do not even waste your time downloading it.
I deleted it from all my 40 websites.
I thought about purchase of the license but now I quit with it.
Seems they have business getting worse and worse if they have to disable such an important feature.
Absolutely useless plugin now.

You can't even copy your code in free version

By kacper3355 on June 29, 2023

One of the latest updates introduced a "new feature". Now you can't even copy your code from the editor without buying premium version. As a long time user of your plugin, that considered a premium subscription, I find this move a bit… pathetic, for the lack of a better word.

This plugin in free version is now officially useless.

Amazing plugin

By hipek55 on June 28, 2023

This plugin is very useful, you can change your page design so easy and qucikly. Definitely the best CSS plugin for wordpress!

A Game Changer for Site Design - Yellow Pencil Plugin

By militarium on May 10, 2023

I've been using the Yellow Pencil plugin for a few months now and I must say it's truly a game changer for anyone involved in web design. Whether you're a professional or a beginner, this tool will significantly enhance your productivity and creativity.

The intuitive user interface is one of its greatest strengths. With a clean and straightforward layout, it's extremely easy to navigate through the wide array of features. Customizing websites has never been easier! You can directly click on an element and start editing - colors, typography, and animations, among other things.

One of the most impressive features is the visual CSS editor. Yellow Pencil allows you to style your website in real-time, without having to write a single line of code. This feature is simply phenomenal, allowing even those with minimal coding knowledge to produce professional-looking websites.

What's more, Yellow Pencil offers a vast library of design assets including fonts, background images, and animations. This, combined with the ability to adjust CSS properties, makes the plugin perfect for comprehensive customization of your site.

Beyond the amazing features, the support team behind Yellow Pencil is fantastic. They are always ready to help and their responses are prompt and insightful.

In summary, Yellow Pencil has transformed my web design process. It's a reliable, robust, and user-friendly tool that I would recommend to anyone looking to take their website design to the next level. Thank you, Yellow Pencil team, for creating such an invaluable plugin!

A life and time saver! PERFECT!

By e60m54 on May 9, 2023

Absolutely worth every cent for PRO, what an amazing work from developers. Thanks you so much for making this tool. Its saves time by hours or even days! What a wonderful and versatile tool. No more torcher with that chrome inspector...

You guys made CSS simple! This is probably best helping tool for professional editing on WP that I've ever installed. 10/10 guys!!!


By MMunhoz on January 8, 2023

Não funciona nada, cores e etc... precisa ser Pro. Porcaria!


By jcvazquezr on December 12, 2022

Si quieren saber cual es el mejor PLUGGIN de CSS ...lo tienen aqui...el SOPORTE es FANTASTICO.... Gran trabajo de Programacion y muy buena ATENCION DAVID.. NO HAY MEJOR PLUGGIN EN TODO EL REPOSITORIO


By José (guertzen) on April 7, 2022

Its amazing. Very easy to use. I love it.

glitchy position on click

By trevoriousd on September 7, 2021

I having a look at the free version and for a front end visual editor, it is pretty impressive. I have one recommendation though without complaining. Every now and again, when I click on an element, the element jumps off set and it is a mission to re-align. this is obviously a glitch. besides that, as I am playing with the editor it is still great. I can edit woocommerce product pages and use siteorigin(backend) and the combination is terrific.


By 496xx on August 30, 2021

便利だったので有償版を購入しました。 インストールしてから使用してみたところ、何故か保存ができなかったのですが サポートに問い合わせ、レンタルサーバーのセキュリティの問題と言われ レンタルサーバーに問い合わせてセキュリティを解除してやっと使えるようになりました。 サポートは自動翻訳ツールをつかって英語で対応しましたが、とても親切でした。 利用するにあたってせっかく設定されているセキュリティを解除する必要はありますが デザインを変更する時のみ解除してふだんはセキュリティをONにしておきます。 「WAF」の設定をONにしたままだと利用できないようです。

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