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WPFront User Role Editor

Easily allows you to manage WordPress user roles. You can create, edit, delete and manage capabilities, also copy existing roles.
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WPFront User Role Editor plugin allows you to easily manage WordPress user roles within your site. You can create, edit or delete user roles and manage role capabilities.

Syam Mohan  
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Like clockwork

By tufty on February 13, 2023

I've been using this for several years and it has worked like clockwork. No issues at all through the updates. I am a bit torn though for a new site as the new custom post and taxonomy type generation feature is pretty cool, but I've just made a custom plugin to create some and I prefer to keep functionality like that separate.

From Good to Really Bad - BE AWARE!

By Eli (RealAct) on August 25, 2022

This plugin has gone from great to really horrible. For over a year now since they updated the plugin from version 2.x to version 3.x the plugin causes our home page to show only a white blank page (No posts shown, only the sidebar shows up) for any registered/login members. This issue has been reported by others on their private forum as well. So we are stuck with old, outdated software that might become incompatible with WordPress at any time and/or contain security issues. We informed the developer about the issue last year, yet they did very little to help diagnose the issue. Their ONLY support was providing a link with help on how to turn debug mode on for their software, Yet the instructions provided do not work and the regular WordPress Debug mode also doesn't show anything relevant to the issue. They offered no farther help and to top it up, they have now closed down the support forum they have. Sorry WPFront I'm paying US dollars for your BROKEN software, you should at the very least had asked for login details to your customer's site and check issues yourself. You are VERY lazy and deserve no more money from me or anyone else. Be aware new costumers!, WPFront will NOT support you with your issues, but will be VERY QUICK to charge you a high yearly fee to continue using their broken software. I'm actively looking for alternative plugins that actually work to replace this ASAP.

Work Like Charm

By Deepak Tyagi (deepaktg) on July 8, 2022

It saves me a lot of time in user role.

Best user role plugin available

By naresh11381 on October 11, 2021

For me this has been the most reliable and efficient user role plugin I have used (I've tried many). Any site that requires editing or managing multiple roles should strongly consider this. The developer is also active and responsive which IMO is a key to a quality plugin. Happily recommend to others!

Promising, though not useful for multisite with a large number of subdomains

By wpsitessupport on October 1, 2021

Inability to automatically sync after creating a new subdomain without permissions, and inability to generate permissions with a new subdomain creation eliminates this plugin.

Is this plugin for WP 4.7 available?

By Jak (123456jk) on September 17, 2021

Looking for this plugin but it has to work with WordPress 4.7. Thank you.

Beautiful and Wonderful!

By Uzoamaka on July 29, 2019

With your plugin, everything is all simplified. It made my work very easy, highly manageable and straight. Thanks a million to all behind the amazing and magnificent plugin. So grateful!

Good plugin, but needs upgrade to support PHP 7.2

By Ray Gulick (raygulick) on January 20, 2019

Great plugin, but currently (1/20/19) contains functions deprecated for PHP 7.2. Hopeful author will issue an update soon.

Perfect for my needs

By becaneweb on July 10, 2018


More than Perfect but...

By choas on August 30, 2017

This plugin is more than perfect, however the updates are not regular and it makes me worry.

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