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wpDataTables – WordPress Data Table, Dynamic Tables & Table Charts Plugin

The best WordPress table plugin. Create responsive, searchable, sortable tables and charts from Excel (.xlsx, .xls or .ods), CSV, XML, JSON and PHP.
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wpDataTables is a popular WordPress table plugin used to quickly create data tables & table charts from Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, PHP and other data sources. Use our WP table plugin to represent vast amounts of complicated data in concise, user-friendly way using tables or charts.

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Great product, great support!

By Michael Kastler (mkastler) on September 20, 2023

I've been using the pro version for a year or so now and have had great experience with it. The few minor issues have always been easily resolved either by the extensive documentation or quick and helpful support from Miloš!

Great plugin and great support

By Josh Spires (joshspires) on September 9, 2023

I was looking for a plugin like this for a while. All the others I tried didn't match the feature set I was looking for.

So far, it's been great! The team behind it is also great, helping out with an issue I had, that wasn't really the fault of the plugin.

Nice Plugin!

By ltoncr23 on September 6, 2023

This is a nice plugin! works great for me

Great support and development team

By strawberry4467 on August 26, 2023

The plugin works great. If there was any problem with the implementation, the support of the plugin very helpfully solved everything to your full satisfaction. I recommend the plugin for purchase.

Great plugin, very good support

By Reto (reto67) on August 25, 2023

One of the best and most flexible plugins I've seen. Also great support. Nothing you can't get out of your stored data in wp.

Awesome plugin. Even better support

By Sean (avidflow) on August 25, 2023

This is a great plugin, and I'm so glad I picked up the Lifetime license. Also, the support team is just amazing. They were super helpful to me with my issue and provided me with a ton of detail, options, alternates and workarounds with regards to my issue. wpDatatables is definitely one to add to your arsenal if you're working with custom tables and data.

Bridging the gap in data management

By cchphealthplan on August 24, 2023

My company has A LOT of data and spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are like master spreadsheets shared between different departments and I needed to bridge the gap between the spreadsheets and the data on WordPress. WP Data Tables provided me THE EXACT SOLUTION I NEEDED to bridge that gap. If all the spreadsheets are stored somewhere (like google drive), I can share those spreadsheets with the entire company and also sync them to various websites that we manage. Those with edit permissions on the spreadsheets are very few, so I usually don't have to worry about any data being messed up. I also cache my version on the website. That way, if someone does make a mistake on the spreadsheet, the website isn't affected. Those with edit permissions to the spreadsheet have been taught how to login to WP and navigate to WP Data Tables and refresh the data.

Dedicating another person or resource to manually manage the data from these spreadsheets within WordPress was unrealistic and unattainable. The data didn't exist in an API form either. WP Data Tables was quite literally my saving grace to all the data management and enhancements I've made in my company's various websites this year.

As a result of having all this massive influx of data easily managed and added to the website with WP Data Tables, I have had to increase the PHP memory limit on my WordPress installation. I'm also massively abusing the limits of their single cell shortcode in my custom application. Anyone who thinks their website is slow because of WP Data Tables... it's not the plugin itself per se. It's simply that your website is more robust and consumes more resources than a basic WordPress website. As a result, you need to adjust your server accordingly to handle the extra resource hogs.

Too Slow/Bloated = CSV to HTML plugin better

By JJNW on August 24, 2023

I rarely, ever give a bad review, but this plugin deserves the attention. This plugin is way too bloated and nagging. Even deleting it hangs up. It runs really, really slow, yet I have 30 plugins with top notch server that is streamlined configured (load time < 1 sec), this plugin bogs it all down. Decided to go with CSV to HTML plugin that's 100% free and no bloat or nag (though recommend TablePress too). And after I deleted this plugin it left 6 tables in the database, I removed with Garbage Collector plugin.

Excellent support

By myr00ray on August 23, 2023

Thanks for the great support. You responded very quickly to my problem and your solution worked perfectly.
It is a pleasure to do business with your support team.

Thank you again for all you do.


Nice Support and Useful

By justmine on August 15, 2023

thank you for your support for all problems that I have, your customers support so nice and detail

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