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WP STAGING – Backup Duplicator & Migration

Backup & Duplicator Plugin – Clone, backup, move, duplicate & migrate websites to staging, backup, and development sites for authorized users only.
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WP STAGING is a plugin that allows you to easily clone, backup, and migrate your WordPress website. It creates an exact copy of your website, including the database, in just seconds. With the Pro version, you also have the ability to transfer your website to a new host or domain and schedule recurring backups.

WP-STAGING, WPStagingBackup  

Quick and Easy Backup

Create an exact copy and backup of your WordPress website in seconds with WP STAGING. Perfect for staging, backup, or development purposes.


Free Cloning - Clone your website into a subfolder or subdomain of your main WordPress installation with WP STAGING. Includes an entire copy of your database.

Reliable Migration Tool

Migrate your WordPress site to another host or domain effortlessly with WP STAGING | PRO. Transfer plugins, themes, and media files with just one click.

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deceptive .. you can't migrate files without a PRO subscription

By swampscrapper on September 29, 2023

download all of the image files from my site and then take all the time to upload and find out only PRO version restores files.

just not working

By vinciego on September 28, 2023

I tried a month ago, it's not working, i get a broken website, i tried with another website now, same problem

Quickly sets up a working staging site

By rikprogeek on September 21, 2023

Takes a while to get done, but scans all database tables and all files to replace links that would otherwise be broken

perfect plugin & outstanding support

By tcd1975 on September 18, 2023

perfect plugin & outstanding support.

I got an error in the plugin which was caused of a missconfiguration by another plugin (from an other company)

So basically it was not their problem. But they helped me to find the issue with the other plugin. They've done work which they were not supposed to do.

Sehr gutes Plugin und toller 1:1 Service

By michaelraubold on September 6, 2023

Das Plugin ist sehr übersichtlich und lässt sich sehr gut bedienen. Auch für Newbies sehr gut handhabbar (bin Fotograf).
Der Support reagiert auf Anfragen sehr schnell auf Englisch. Die Jungs sitzen jedoch in Hamburg, was es Deutschmuttersprachlern einfacher macht. Mir wurde ausdauernd über mehrere Tage Hilfestellung gegeben und das weit über den eigentlich Umfang hinaus.
Ich hatte Fehlermeldungen, die nicht mit dem Plugin zu tun hatten, sondern mit der Wordpressinstallation (SingleSite/MultiSite). Danke dafür!
Mit rund 160 Euro brutto sicher nicht das günstigste Plugin, aber die Ausgabe ist es auf jeden Fall wert. Leistung hat ihren Preis!

Excellent plugin

By jessemorris91 on August 31, 2023


Great support!

By digitaltask on August 31, 2023

Within no time I got support and the problem was fixed immediately. Great communication and great plugin. Really recommend!

Excellent tool, runs perfectly, excellent support. Thanks !!

By pschuwporg on August 31, 2023

  1. Excellent product quality, very simple and clear handling, very good and easy to understand instructions for installation and use that worked right away, the plugin provided an exact copy of the original site the first time on restore, down to the last detail.
  2. Support is unmatched, you talk directly to the developer, very helpful, very authoritative, with very short response times.

It really doesn't get any better than this.

Thank you René.

Peter Levin Schuster.

Great Tool

By mariooiram on August 30, 2023

Using WP-Staging for years und working without problems.
Synch, restore on different server .. all working without any issues.
Great customer support.

Excellent Customer Service

By Bill White (chipur) on August 25, 2023

Had a start up issue I couldn’t figure out. Submitted a support ticket and within 24 hours the issue was resolved. Politely, BTW.

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