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WP SMTP can help us to send emails via SMTP instead of the PHP mail() function.
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WP SMTP can help us to send emails via SMTP instead of the PHP mail() function. It adds a settings page to “Dashboard”->”Settings”->”WP SMTP” where you can configure the email settings. There are some examples on the settings page, you can click the corresponding icon to view (such as “Gmail””Yahoo!””Microsoft””163″”QQ”). If the field “From” was not a valid email address, or the field “SMTP Host” was left blank, it will not reconfigure the wp_mail() function.

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By Alex Molina Maranho (mixbee) on June 30, 2022

Muito fácil de configurar. Funciona muito bem.

Almost perfect

By swinggraphics on April 23, 2022

With the addition of a default Reply-To, it would be perfect for the websites I install SMTP plugins on.

Switching to Post SMTP

By m_disseny on April 21, 2022

Settings got messed up upon automatic update without any kind of alert/notification for re-entering the login/authentication details. No wp-mail fallback when settings got misconfigured. One whole week of emails lost and complaints from our customers. Thank you

No emails sending after last update - they knew and didn't warn

By eftcolumbus on April 18, 2022

In the most recent update around April 2022, they pushed a release that made the plugin not work because the update erased your credentials. And they admit knowing it would happen. But there was no warning, no note to make note of your credentials before the update. Many other plugins push warnings like "Major update - backup your site before updating" or "This update is not backward compatible with the last version". They could have done something like that. THEN they keep saying this isn't an issue, as if they have no responsibility for this, and it is not their fault. How is NONE OF MY EMAILS ARE SENT after the update not an issue??? Yes this IS your fault, because all I did was update. The plugin has one job to send emails and after updating this doesn't happen. Yes it can be fixed and sure it's a good thing to encrypt the credentials, but my site and many others went a week or more without sending out any emails. Because they didn't warn us that we had to do other things for it to work. Read the support tickets for April 2022, you'll see so many people reported this. And they just kept saying "Not an issue". So now I can't trust them for future updates to not just break the plugin and not tell me.

Got it working with ZoHo account

By sabinevanerp on November 27, 2021

Took me some time to discover how to resolve the 'problem' authenticate your SMTP account. So, for the girls/boys who encounter the same problem: Login to your ZOHO account / My account / (enter your password) Security / App Passwords . (Application-specific passwords are passcodes that give applications like email clients permission to access your Zoho Mail.) Create new Password / Enter the app name / then click Generate. Save the shown password to a safe place and use THIS password in the plugin. So do not use your password of your ZoHo account.

Tuấn Trần

By Tuấn Trần (kuty0nline) on March 1, 2021

Thanks !

Works good!

By arwinvdv on November 27, 2020

Thank you!

Perfect Plugin!

By Sara (sarit026) on July 27, 2020

Very simple yo use

As always it good

By jomol on November 13, 2017

Working well than any other smtp plugin.

One of most dangerous plugins in the whole world for wordpress

By NUCUTA (cuta) on September 3, 2016

This plugin was responsible of the largest data breaching in Mossack Fonseca's wordpress website. wordfence states something like this. so please don't use this plugin if you care about the security of your website.

MF are running the WP SMTP plugin which gives you the ability to send mail from your website via a mail server. This plugin stores email server address and login information in plain text in the WordPress database. The login information stored is a mail server SMTP login for sending email. Here is a screenshot showing the login information for this plugin appearing in a database as plain text on one of our test servers:

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