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Slimstat Analytics

Track returning customers and registered users, monitor Javascript events, detect intrusions, analyze email campaigns. Thousands of WordPress sites ar …
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Track returning customers and registered users, monitor Javascript events, detect intrusions, analyze email campaigns. Thousands of WordPress sites are already using it.

Jason Crouse, VeronaLabs  
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Really enjoy using the realttime data

By sayna on February 5, 2023

Thanks for this plugin! I really enjoy using the real-time user data. It also helps to find out about 404 errors/links on the site. You are doing great :)

Real Time with Date Range?

By vorticy on January 16, 2023

I want a real time stats of active users on various pages of my site. But the real time page simply lists the current users and there is a map showing their location. Also, there are setting for date range??? This page could be configured better. Include setting as to what qualifies a active user (such as entered page within the last 15 minutes). Some information presented is useful. Also, stats regarding performance taxing on server would be good. But as it is, I don't think I will keep this over GA4.

Helpful plugin and great support

By qerghgfjkgk on December 29, 2022

Best in-house stats plugin for wordpress I could find and great support.

No more sharing my website data with third-parties, like Google Analytics.

Highly recommend it.

Thoughtful, useful design, smooth operation

By Springski (montanacabin) on July 11, 2022

The plugin has been updated. It downloads and unpacks the GeoLite2 database from Maxmind for WooCommerce website without a hiccup. Thank you for a great tool, essential for planning inventory and blocking gargoyles.

Demasiado brutal

By hierro59 on April 26, 2022

Demasiado brutal, tengo menos de un minuto usándola y ya la amo.

great plugin for analytics

By gmorrison on April 8, 2022

especially since the author renewed the plugin recently. It's got geolocation and browser useragent working. Wonderful

Amazing plugin

By sdfgkhdfjkh on April 7, 2022

Has lots of features and works flawlessly. Big thanks to developer for keeping it up to date!

Quick Support, thank you.

By willem2016 on March 16, 2022

I've been using this plugin for about 4 years and had a problem after updating Slimstat to the latest version V4.9. I got an answer and support from the developer within a few hours. Very impressed with that, thank you.

Full featured but drags system performance badly

By gerarde on November 19, 2021

This is a beautifully produced stats package that in 2015 mustr have felt very state of the art but it looks to have been abandoned by its author and cripples any site it's installed into with badly optimized database queries. Could be brilliant, with a few tweaks.

Abandoned plugin and slows down website

By fuchsws on January 28, 2021

This plugin sadly seems to be abandoned by the developer. No updates for a long time. It also dramatically slows down (high traffic) websites as it does loads of ajax-requests and creates a high load on the database. Not recommended anymore.

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