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Shield Security – Smart Bot Blocking & Intrusion Prevention

Bad Bots Are Your #1 Security Threat. Real security is stopping attackers before they can hack your site.
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Shield Security is a WordPress security plugin that focuses on preventing attacks from bad bots. It offers features such as bad bot protection, comprehensive activity logs, two-factor authentication, and exclusive security admin protection. With Shield Security, your site will be protected from various security threats, and you can also receive dedicated premium security support when you upgrade to the Pro version.

Shield Security  

Stop Hackers Dead

Prevent attackers from hacking your site with real security measures that detect and block bad bots before they can do any damage.

Comprehensive Activity Logging

Gain complete visibility into every action on your site with Shield's best-in-class logging feature. Track user activity, plugin and theme changes, and even database modifications for enhanced security.


Free Protection - Shield's exclusive bot detection technology invisibly protects your login and registration forms from brute force attacks and spam, eliminating the need for additional security addons. Enjoy peace of mind without any extra effort.

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Excellent Support

By harveytw on September 19, 2023

Amazing response time. I needed support with an issue and got a reply within the hour.

Very knowledgable and explained to me my issue in a very understandable way!

Excellent plugin

By assist7833 on September 12, 2023

It’s fantastic. I had a couple hacked sites in the past but not anymore!

Great plugin

By fedorof on September 9, 2023

Great job. Free.

Dobrý produkt

By singulismisa on August 21, 2023

Dobrý produkt

Kindly Remove All Shield Security Branding from the access denied page.

By iamkaramsidhu on August 14, 2023

Dear Shield Security Team, I would like to request for the removal of certain information from the access restricted page. What i mean here is that, When a user triggers the firewall rule set, They would see a page which shows them a message that their access to the site is restricted. There is a few elements to be removed from this page:

1) The Shield Security branding. I dont feel like there is a need to let my visitors know what security plugin is being utilized as it is a part of the backend security operations therefore the confidentiality should be maintained especially when it clearly mentioned that it is a Wordpress Security Plugin. I dont want my users to even know i'm utilizing wordpress so obviously at the first place.. Especially when a firewall rules is BREAKED, There is high chances that the rule breaker is eventually attempting to impose a threat to ny site and looking in on what is there to protect my site as part of their execution plan later on.

  • I do understand on regards of the importance of the branding of your security service as you deserve it as you're doing a great job. But something like: Your Access to this Site has Been Blocked. This Site is protected by a security service which is an initiative of SHIELD SECURITY. Thats enough i guess. At least it does not directly reveal and Dont insert links of your site for my blocked users to visit your site with all those links.

2) The total time in which the user would remain blocked. I dont see the need to let the blocked ones know that for how long they would be unable to access the site. Mostly all websites has their dedicated contact channels, the user could reach them to inform on the blockage and request for a removal of blacklist manually. If we felt we would like to inform for how long he would be remained blocked, Then we might reveal based on our own discretion. You can add a feature in your pro version where the site administrstor could customize the page and insert their contact channel on the blocked page to directly reach the site authority.

Great Product

By Todd W Carter (parkcommunity) on August 8, 2023

Used it on all sites, works great...


By billfrank on July 26, 2023

great security plugin

super professional

By moein (moeinkd) on July 26, 2023

I tested most of the popular security plugins. But this is the best and I have been using it for several years. Today I was blessed with a free, fast and super professional support from the Shield team, which put the quality of this plugin at the highest level.

Great plugin! A great value!

By nicheinfosystem on June 30, 2023

I've used it for years without a problem, and I don't expect there to be.

MUST HAVE ShieldPro!

By stvrayvon on June 13, 2023

Shield is the first plugin I install on every new WP website I spin-up for development or when ever I take over an existing website.

I use the Pro version and I swear by it! But I even install the free version on any website I work on if my clients don't understand the value of true protection, because it works!

I have used other plugins for security before I tried Shield Pro, but NONE of the others are as robust and dependable!

It does not negatively affect the website performance and I love being able to network the setting updates with all of my websites automatically!

ShieldPro is simply the best security (and more) plugin for WordPress that you can get!

It's Bullet Proof!

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