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WP Activity Log

The #1 user-rated activity log plugin. Keep a comprehensive log of the changes that happen on your site with this easy to use plugin.
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WP Activity Log is a comprehensive activity log plugin for WordPress that allows you to keep track of all user and system changes on your website. With this plugin, you can improve user accountability, troubleshoot issues, and better manage and organize your site and users. It also offers a premium version with additional features such as real-time user activity monitoring, email and SMS notifications, and the ability to generate reports.

WP White Security  

Comprehensive Activity Logging

Keep track of everything happening on your WordPress site to ensure user productivity, improve accountability, and ease troubleshooting.


time User Monitoring - Get instant visibility into user activity on your WordPress site, including login/logout, failed logins, and suspicious behavior, to prevent security problems.

Premium Features Upgrade

Upgrade to WP Activity Log Premium for additional benefits such as real-time user tracking, email and SMS notifications, advanced search capabilities, and log mirroring to external systems.

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Amazing Plugin

By healthyjill on September 20, 2023

The plugin works more than I expected. Great help with tricky issue!

Incredible support, works like a charm

By balanemate on September 1, 2023

We are using this plugin for shipping logs to our SIEM. Works without any hiccups.

Support is very friendly, fast and eager to help.

Very useful plugin - Great support

By one3rdnerd on July 27, 2023

This plugin is very useful to see who's doing what on a WP install and the support are great.

Preventing concurrent logins doesn't work, but here's some code that does

By harold9 on July 24, 2023

I sell software as a service (SAAS) and own 2 websites that I purchased WP Activity Log for. As an SAAS business owner, I like to support other businesses that sell software, which is why I purchased this company's plugin twice (1 for each of my websites). After installing the plugin, I realized the plugin's concurrent login function doesn't work properly. The plugin repeatedly kicks users out and/or prevents them from logging in (including the admin). Every time I activated the plugin it would log me out of my website. In the end I had to remove the plugin completely and hire a PHP developer to create code to prevent concurrent logins. (If anyone needs the code, please find it below).

I read some previous reviews that stated this company refuses to provide refunds, but unfortunately, I didn't take them seriously. I'm now working with my credit card company to chargeback the purchases and it's been a headache. I love the WordPress community and have bought dozens of plugins from various companies without an issue. WP Activity Log is the first company to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Their software doesn't work and they will do everything in their power to keep your money after the payment is made. Simply disgusting behavior.

Please find code that I found useful for preventing concurrent logins below. I've been able to couple this with the WordPress Simple History plugin and have had no issues with my sites.

* allows only one user to be logged in per account
function only_one_login() {
$token = wp_get_session_token();
if ( $token ) {
$manager = WP_Session_Tokens::get_instance( get_current_user_id() );
$manager->destroy_others( $token );
add_action('init', 'only_one_login');

Great plugin and support

By Juliamc on July 18, 2023

We had many people taking care of the internal works on our website and a few times things broke and caused losses in revenue. Not to blame anyone, but to prevent such issues in the future we needed a plugin that would help us track and find whose and which actions led to the problems with the website.

This is a great plugin for that, and the support team is great! Thank you!

Julia & the Team,
Retouching Academy


By Martin Sauter (martin.sauter) on June 10, 2023

From all the activity monitoring plugins I have tested so far, this one has by far the most extensive feature set. This can be great if you are a geek, but for most users this is simply overwhelming. On the other hand, a huge part of this functionality is only available in the paid version, which is heavily advertized, and that is overwhelming as well. If you only plan to use the free version, then there are several better options. I'm not the guy who expects that everything must be free, but the amount of advertizing in this plugin is simply too much.

P.S. Hiding the plugin from the list of installed plugins by default makes no sense – except to make it more difficult for inexperienced users to get rid of the plugin. Very bad practice.

Very useful for troubleshooting

By mhair on June 5, 2023

This plugin is very useful if multiple people are involved in the backend of a site. It allows you to troubleshoot instead of scratching your head wondering what happened. Saves much time!

there are better free plugins

By lordsnake on June 1, 2023

it's an ok plugin, but the lack of any ability to search the logs makes it virtually useless as when you do have an issue you need to identify, you cannot unless you want to scroll through hundreds or even thousands of log entries manually.

It is not worth paying for the pro versions just to get this one feature when there are other free logging plugins that include the ability to search the logs.

The only real benefit I found with this plugin vs the other free versions, is the ability to hide it form other users and admins. But this is outweighed by the aforementioned lack of search ability.

They really need to allow log search in the free version, this is the most basic feature that everyone needs.

Useful Log of Events

By palmtek on May 13, 2023

You can only see the latest 25 events. Super useless.

@robert681, you are correct. I don't know what was stopping it from displaying more than 25, but it miraculously healed itself. Puzzling.

Sorting issue

By minaxi11 on April 25, 2023

We are not able to sort activity log in free version of plugin.

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