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Compiles .scss files to .css and enqueues them.
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Compiles .scss files on your wordpress install using ScssPhp. Includes settings page for configuring directories, error reporting, compiling options, and auto enqueuing.

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Latest update breaks the site - but here is the fix!

By abda53 on November 30, 2022

The latest update breaks the site.. but if this happens it's a fairly easy fix. Go to github.com/scssphp/scssphp Click on Code (in green) then Download Zip Extract the zip Upload everything in scssphp-master/src/* to your wp-content/plugins/wp-scss/src/ folder Refresh the page and you should be good. It looks like the author someone didn't get all of the src folder added into the plugin in the latest update

Breaking updates

By baskuipers on November 25, 2022

Unfortunately this plugin had some updates in the past that broke several websites. Updates were slow and manual rollbacks were necessary.

Great, when it's not breaking the site

By James W (uxjw) on November 23, 2022

Been using this for years and when it works, it works well. But after it broke client sites yet again with the most recent update, I have to question the QA on this plugin.

Very Useful plugin but maybe not well maintained

By stormhill on November 21, 2022

I have a hard time not using this plugin in my projects since it makes implementing SCSS just SO easy for my dev team. On the other hand, there have been 2 times in the past year where a major issue occurred with an update resulting in lots of broken websites. In both cases the developers were slow to address the issue. At this date, the plugin fails catastrophically if "always recompile" is selected.


By wagonmonster on November 18, 2022

They just upgraded it to version 3.0 and it DOES NOT WORK, it will crash your entire site. Developer has been unresponsive to everyone's pleas to fix the catastrophic bug

Plugin doesn't work, doesn't give any errors

By FrogDesk Strategy (frogdesk) on January 1, 2022

Unfortunately although this used to be extremely useful the current version does not compile reliably, provides no errors or logs with which to investigate, and no support is available.


By gwberto on December 27, 2021

This plugin was used when our site was first built. The last update caused a critical failure which took out the site for a few days.

1 Minor Issue, 1 Enhancement Request, but still 5 stars

By imincognito on December 12, 2021

This plugin works exactly as advertised - the ability to auto-compile scss is invaluable. There are actually 2 enhancements that could be useful: 1. The base dir is limited to uploads (not a logical location), the wp-scss plugin (also not logical) and the current theme dir (most logical). I would personally prefer a separate dir under themes so that in the event that the theme is updated or switched, scss files are preserved. 2. Although there are plenty of workarounds, a pro version with a built-in scss editor/syntax checker would be enormously valuable - just make changes in the editor, save and view the changes... But, still it's a 5 star plugin...

Broken, not regularly updated

By kvangorden on May 11, 2021

I continue have issues with this plugin. Every time we make an update to any page, I have to go back to the WP-CSS plugin settings and click "save" to rewrite whatever bug it has. This works to correct my staging and production environments, but my dev environment breaks every single time. The WP-SCSS plugin changes the code when the staging or prod environment gets copied to dev. Then it creates a critical error and won't allow me to overwrite it. I wish the developers would correct this issue and/or find a comparable alternative for us to use.

Update scssphp

By skyline1590 on March 15, 2021

I am unable to compile bootstrap 5.0.0. When will scssphp be updated?

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