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Perfect Images (Replace Media • Generate Thumbnails • Image Sizes • Optimize • HighDPI)

Optimize and manage your images with Perfect Images. Easily replace or regenerate existing images in bulk, set custom sizes, improve performance, crea …
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Perfect Images is a powerful plugin that helps you optimize and manage your images on your WordPress site. It allows you to easily replace or regenerate images in bulk, set custom sizes, create retina versions for high-quality displays, and improve performance. The plugin is fast, does not create new database tables, and is fully compatible with other plugins.

Jordy Meow  

Optimize and Manage

Easily optimize and manage your images with Perfect Images. Replace or regenerate images in bulk, set custom sizes, and create retina versions for high-quality displays. Improve performance and streamline your image management.

Streamline Media Management

Replace images quickly and easily with Perfect Images. Swap out images from the plugin's dashboard or directly from the Media Library or Edit Attachment pages. Say goodbye to manual image replacement and streamline your media management.

Stunning Retina Images

Make your website look stunning on high-DPI devices with Perfect Images. Automatically generate and serve crisp retina images to your visitors. Create retina images for full-size images and ensure your site looks great on every device.

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Great plugin. Useful to stop WP making other image sizes.

By mobizma on August 21, 2023


Powerful, simple, customizable, easy to use, good looking, fast, very fast

By Ignacio Zuloaga (ingecorp) on August 8, 2023

Thanks for this pluging.

Great work!!


Really nice but constantly crashes server.

By alikgriffin on June 1, 2023

I have maybe 10k images, I can't generate thumbnails for more than 50 at a time or it crashes the server, even then I get a lot of server crashes. 4core, 8gigs of ram cloud server with Siteground. I definitely can't generate everything all at once or the server crashes. It's just too RAM-hungry.

It just works !

By Francks (Franck-AWO) on April 24, 2023

Merci pour ce plugin qui fonctionne out of the box !

Bonne continuation et good luck.

Does the trick

By kellermandesign on March 16, 2023

Does the trick.

kind of works

By winterk80 on March 10, 2023

Might be fine for smaller sites. We have a lot of images like 25k of images according to this extension. Made it about 10% through crashed, tried again similar crashed. Then the extension broke and we couldn't even get it to load for a 3rd time. I also suspect it's causing either a conflict with the other image extension we use. uninstalled it.

Image replace simply does not work

By Zak Single (zaksingle) on March 7, 2023

Tried on 2x different sites, no joy.

Does the job!

By jfkweb on March 7, 2023

I just use it for deleting extra sizes, works beautifully. Thanks!

Perfect addition

By vintagefrenchcopper on March 4, 2023

Easy to install, easy to set up, works quite well. I use the other Meow Apps for image management and this app adds key functions for thumbnails and helps reduce image bloat. Highly recommended.


By karenratte on February 26, 2023

It just works and gets rid of all the extras you don't want or need. Set it up and ignore it. But if you need help, Jordy and friends are there for you.

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