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Enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed.
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This is a guide on how to use the WP-PostViews plugin on your WordPress website. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to add views to your posts or pages, either by editing the theme files or using a shortcode. The guide also includes information on how to configure the plugin and provides links for further development and translations.

Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan  

Easy Integration

Simple steps to add post views anywhere in your theme or post using shortcode or function.

Customizable Templates

Configure the plugin to display post views in your preferred format with template variables.

Accurate Tracking

Get precise view counts for your posts using WP_Query and avoid counting views in preview mode.

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I guess this is no longer in supported

By Beulahland83 on January 8, 2023

The plugin is no longer compatible with some themes

example of (Corpo)

very useful

By douggeeks on March 23, 2022

Very useful little plugin.


By Ahmed Faruk (ahmedfaruk) on December 6, 2021

This is the Plugin that I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

Very nice plugin!

By eddy0522 on July 25, 2021

Very nice plugin, but I still have an advice that the view counter data should be saved in a new table. Now it was saved in "wp_postmeta". Maybe it can be improved. Never mind, just my idea. Thanks!

This Plugin Is So Good, but Please Help Me

By wissdomm on April 16, 2021

I accidentally delete this plugin from my web, and now all the views are reset to 0, can you help me how to restore the previous views ? Thankyou so much if you can help me please..


By welldds on April 21, 2020

Thanks for the plug-in, it really does the job for me. Simple and useful, just the way I like things.

Simple and good

By Gordon (jwart) on November 9, 2019

Great little plugin that does the job well. Thanks!

Good plugin

By Dao Tien Dung (daotiendung) on August 9, 2019

Awesome plugin, thanks

Thanks for the filter 'postviews_should_count'!

By Mikhail Alferov (malferov) on December 21, 2018

Now I can independently control the logic of counting! Like this:
function exclude_wp_post_views_count($should_count, $id) {
    if ( current_user_can('administrator') ) { // or other condition(s)
        $should_count = false;
    return $should_count;
add_filter('postviews_should_count', 'exclude_wp_post_views_count', 10, 2);

Nice Plugin

By Amit Sharma (ltc_mkt) on July 2, 2018

Its really a nice plugin. Better if admin is able to keep track of viewers.

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