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WP Meteor Page Speed Optimization Topping

2x-5x improvement in your Page Speed score. A completely new way of optimizing your page speed.
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WP Meteor is a plugin that optimizes your page speed by delaying the loading and firing of scripts until after the page gets rendered. It can work alongside other optimization plugins, but there may be compatibility issues with certain plugins. It can greatly improve important SEO metrics and boost your Pagespeed metric by 2x-5x.

Aleksandr Guidrevitch  

Supercharge Your Page Speed

Boost your website's performance by 2x-5x with WP Meteor's unique script loading optimization. Improve your Page Speed, LCP, TTI, and TBT metrics for better SEO and user experience.

Compatible with Top Optimizations

WP Meteor works seamlessly with popular optimization plugins like Autoptimize, WP Rocket, and WP Total Cache. Maximize your page speed without compromising on existing optimizations.


free Installation and Removal - WP Meteor leaves no trace on your disk or database upon deactivation or removal. Install and test without hesitation, and easily uninstall if you're not satisfied with the results.

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This plugins cause me a bug.

By nightmare28899 on September 20, 2023

i have a rare bug when i active this plugin, when is active, my normal images does not load at all, only when i'm logged :/, when you access to the Page as not logged user, this does not load the images, you have an idea what can be the problem ? Sorry for my bad english

WP Meteor is currently disabled, because it conflicts with WP Fastest Cache

By giannisgx89 on July 26, 2023

Getting this error message after updating to the latest version 3.3.0

WP Meteor is currently disabled, because it conflicts with WP Fastest Cache

Edit: 3.3.1 Fixed the issue. The developer actually resolved it within minutes!

A must for all Wordpress sites

By Vassos Hadjivassiliou (more2think) on July 6, 2023

Thank you for this incredible plugin. 10 stars from me!


By mmarconcini on July 4, 2023

Very good e very usefull!

Great optimization plug-in in combo with Phastpress

By toineenzo on March 19, 2023

Pretty simple plug-in. Wish it had a little bit more options but improves my site speed a lot. A perfect companion with the plug-in Phastpress.
It doesn’t really seem to

It doesn’t really seem to work well with Elementor page transitions though as it glitches out.

Incredible performance and support!!

By hennolad on March 3, 2023

I was hopeful for a bit of a speed boost when I downloaded but I did not expect that much of a jump!! This plugin just blew me away, I went from 44 mobile speed to 88 on pagespeed after pulling the slider all the way to the right (still a bit of work to do on my end). I am sitting at 98 Desktop on an Elementor site with quite a heavy payload (video header and images).

I noticed that one part of my site had an error that I could not fix so I contacted support. Aleksandr replied within an hour and released a patch that fixed everything only 4 hours later. I only ever write reviews for people who deserve it, this support was phenomenal.

This will be getting adding to all of my websites from now on. Thanks team for your help!

Page Speed 78 | 92 boosted to 92 | 99 LCP only

By websanity on February 23, 2023

At last a speed tool that seems to take into account the way Google Speed Test - and real people work. Well done; I'll be exploring on other websites!

It works like magic

By wordpresser (mohammedays) on February 11, 2023

WP Meteor is very great and useful plugin. I was using another plugin and delaying the script for 3 second. this plugin with zero delay it performance much better. It works great with caching plugin no conflicts or anything of that sort. Thank you so much, you really made me happy.

Google Analytics

By orimex on December 18, 2022

It's a plugin that I like in general. Only when the plugin is active GA shows 0 users. GA returns to normal when I disable the plugin.

What could be the reason for this?

Don't use this

By nemausus30 on November 23, 2022

Don't installe this ! After desactivation, others plugins crashed... 00

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