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WP Last Modified Info

Ultimate Last Modified Plugin for WordPress with Gutenberg Block Integration. It is possible to use shortcodes to display last modified info anywhere …
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WP Last Modified Info: the Ultimate Last Modified plugin Most WordPress themes usually show the date when a post was last published. This is fine for most blogs and static websites. However, WordPress is also used by websites where old articles are regularly updated. This last updated date and time is important information for those publications. The most common example is news websites. They often update old stories to show new developments, add corrections, or media files. If they only added the published date, then their users would miss those updates.

Sayan Datta  
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No Support Responses, Ineffective

By morgancarrie on September 27, 2023

This plugin doesn't show dates for just the last time you modify content, it updates the date in bulk when ANY change is made, even if it's something administrative on the back-end. For example, I use a web hook with a shortcode to insert an ad at the bottom of all blog posts. Any time I update the URL in the hook, not the post, it shows a bulk update on every blog post with the Last Modified Date changes. It's not a useful way to track when you've actually refreshed or updated content from an SEO perspective, since you can't tell by looking at a blog post what's been updated versus a spammy date change. I also have concerns that it updates the schema when content isn't actually modified, which could cause penalties in the long run. To a search algorithm, it could look like schema is being regularly updated falsely.

The "lock Last Modified Date" selection does not work, and support inquires are not answered. It's been five weeks.

If you are serious about your content, I recommend using something else.

Simple and easy to use

By Andreas Rohr (yomama78) on September 24, 2023

The plugin does what it's meant to do. I like it.

Good plug in

By lovatts on September 18, 2023

Simple, does the job.


By dolceremy (centoasa) on September 18, 2023

for me the best plugin to show the last modified information on all your posts!

Excelente Plugin

By luis eduardo betancur acosta (betancurl) on September 16, 2023

<font _mstmutation="1"></font>


By sdax on September 16, 2023


Works perfectly

By therollingranch on September 9, 2023

Intuitive to implement and solves the problem of showing the post as new when it is only updated.


By panon on September 8, 2023

Very useful and easy to handle.
Especially the use of shortcode [lmt-post-modified-info]

Works as expected...

By pjh6672017 on September 5, 2023

Works as expected...

Just works like a charm

By Francks (Franck-AWO) on September 2, 2023

Merci pour ce plugin qui fonctionne impecc !

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