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Cookie Information | Free GDPR Consent Solution

Get your website’s consent foundation in place with our free cookie pop-up (GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA).
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This plugin helps you on your journey to become compliant with GDPR using a free cookie pop-up, consent log, and more.

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Zero Stars. Do not add

By benjamintoth on September 14, 2023

The business model of taking over useful open-source software and rewriting it as SEO spam needs to fail everywhere, but particularly for people trying to comply with privacy laws.

Get it out of the plugins repo ASAP wordpress.


By LarsPoulsen on March 4, 2023

Maybe you should look the word "free" up in your dictionary.

Once nice. Now absolutely not.

By tomhermans on October 13, 2022

Free in the title. Bad UX overall, incomprehensive and only trying to nudge you to sign up and pay for something. Completely unnecessary too.

What a rip off for freeware!!

By dhager on May 18, 2022

Wow... this plugin used to be a very good and straight forward tool to cover the GDPR topic. After this plugin has been taken over they turned it into an advertising tool and for some reason just inject a bunch of crap in your WP sites. And if you don't register to their newsletter, this plugin goes inactive without any notification. This is unacceptable. Just why would you be like this...

A WP plugin isn't a freemium game

By rubendaas on May 18, 2022

This is a perfect example how not to take over a plugin... It used to work when it was owned by Van Ons. Somehow the new owner thought it was a good idea to disable the plugin for all sites to force the user to register for their newsletter... Worst Danish product ever!

You can't build on this plugin. They will just disable it one day.

By mvaneijgen on May 4, 2022

I've used this plugin from the beginning. It never was great, but it did what it supposed to do. But since then they've completely restyled everything with links to there own website and even worse they've now disabled the plugin on all my sites until I sign up to their newsletter! Please you're a cookie plugin, you have one job. Stop taking sites hostage just so you can spam us with a your newsletter. For anyone else with this issue: you can download previous versions on the plugin page under "Advanced View", after you've download it change the version number to something really large eg "99999" to prevent the plugin from updating.

Total disaster

By wpger (fogruen) on March 29, 2022

HTML Code on the front end, missing privacy links, fatal errors etc. A once great plug-in has become a complete disaster. At the same time, there is massive advertising for a subscription. What is the point of all this?

mis description

By Arkadiusz (aiqrobots) on December 19, 2021

free for 30days or just personal GDPR!

constantly forcing paid version, not good practice!

By maidot on December 16, 2021

I've used this plugin in the past and it was ok, now it's constantly suggesting to upgrade for a paid version and that is definitely not a good practice...

Too bad it's turned into a marketing tool

By Jory Hogeveen (keraweb) on May 5, 2022

This plugin was simple and to the point. Now it's been taken over and turned into a marketing tool for a premium solution. It's perfectly fine to have a premium solution, but please, don't bloat all pages with advertising about it.. IMO, this is not the way to market a paid solution in an open source community. UPDATE: Since the latest versions it even requires you to provide your details, otherwise it wont work. I'm reporting this plugin.

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