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WP Force SSL & HTTPS SSL Redirect

Enable SSL & HTTPS redirect with 1 click! Add SSL certificate & WP Force SSL to redirect site from HTTP to HTTPS & fix SSL errors.
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WP Force SSL helps you redirect insecure HTTP traffic to secure HTTPS and fix SSL errors without touching any code. Activate Force SSL and everything will be set and SSL enabled. The entire site will move to HTTPS using your SSL certificate. It works with any SSL certificate. It can be free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt or a paid SSL certificate.

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Careless support

By systemsupport on August 25, 2023

I bought WP Force SSL PRO not even a year ago as an agency lifetime license for more then $140,- Now it was the first time that I asked for their support, because the plugin blocks a function in LayerSlider (fullscreen mode for videos). The support team from WebFactory doesn’t care at all. Their simple answer is „Unfortunately, we can't help with 3rd party plugins“. They didn’t even take a look at that issue. So don’t waste your money on this, they just won’t care for you at all.

Edit: after this post, the lead developer took a look at the topic, and guess what? It was just ONE little setting that needed to get changed. I just had to switch off the Permissions Policy and everything works fine.

So that's why I am giving 2 stars now: the plugin works fine (Pro version), the support is the worst I have experienced so far among the WP community, especially for a paid plugin.

misleading informations

By antwake on May 24, 2023

the WP Force SSL status tab shows misleading informations about my site (like i'm on localhost??)

Don't buy Pro

By thorsolutions on January 11, 2023

While the main plugin does what it says, the SSL certificate they offer in the pro is a farce and kind of useless. Automated renewals is not available and you have to manually install the certificate every 3 months. Thats simply not feasible and kind of defeats the purpose of having a pro plugin and I am not entirely sure what I paid money for. Honestly, the free version is fine or use Really Simple SSL, doesn't really matter, but don't get pulled into their pro version , the best feature of which was supposed to be SSL Certificate Generation but if you have to manually do that every 3 months, it makes more sense to just use any other similar service out there.

very good to use it.

By gustavolin0919 on October 24, 2022

very easy to use it.

WP Force SSL Customer Service Missing In Action

By wdavis on September 18, 2022

9/18/22 I have been using WP Force SSL for 6 months now. Its great when its working, but not so great if you need someone to contact for help. Its via a email window, that sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. The response time is days, and the response seems to be irrelevant, as though they did not read the description of the problem at all. Just push you off. I am having a product problem, where the plug in is not displaying on my screen with all the tabs that should be there. So this is something I cannot fix and need direction on whether its at their end or if I reload the plugin, will it lose its license and the membership associated with that, etc. Who knows? Getting frustrated. Also, if you are not super adept at all things WP and SSL, you may not realize you have to RENEW YOUR CERTIFICATE every three months— they send email warnings that you will expire in xx days, everyday. So when you go to do this, it is on the complicated side and sometimes it is not seamless. You have to go into your own hosts' platform and update the certificate and the private key. If you need help with this, well, good luck. I am just saying that its a good product when it works. If you are having issues, you are kind of on your own.

Worked perfectly

By kiaseven on September 18, 2022

Fixed SSL errors painlessly.

So far so good

By twgerber on August 9, 2022

Seems simple enough. Would be nice if more features were in the free version.


By monolino on June 6, 2022


so far, so good

By alkutone on June 3, 2022

so far, so good.


By leroy (leroytuttle) on March 15, 2022

Did nothing...my site is still locked.

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