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WP Featherlight – A Simple jQuery Lightbox

An ultra lightweight jQuery lightbox for WordPress images and galleries.
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WP Featherlight is a WordPress lightbox plugin for adding a minimal, high-performance, responsive jQuery lightbox to your WordPress website. At its core, WP Featherlight is a WordPress plugin wrapper for the Featherlight jQuery lightbox plugin. When installed, the plugin will automatically display all standard WordPress images and galleries in a simple, minimalistic lightbox popup.

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Light 'n easy

By Annekee on December 30, 2022

Light 'n easy!

Works Great

By Jody (jodyhugh) on July 24, 2022

Light weight, easy to use, no issues. Recommended!

light as a feather

By Don Matteo (donkey.shark) on July 18, 2021

It is what it promises, light as a feather.

Super light, no bloat, tip to extend caption in lightbox

By Tim Reeves on March 1, 2021

I love minimalism, saving resources and increasing speed, so this is for sure my choice (even though I expect that a recent review was right that the closing could be better on mobiles). But I needed to extend the captions on pictures to include a copyright notice in the lightbox view (which would have been too much in page view). So I looked at the code and found that the WordPress media library is not queried at all, so no way will we get the media library description for an image. This is how to get out of that problem with some manual coding on pages: JS finds all images on the page, and gets their captions e.g. target.parent().find( '.wp-caption-text' ) So if the caption contains a <span> this can be used together with the class „featherlight“ of the outer lightbox <div> to add an extended description hidden on the page via CSS but shown in the lightbox. Thanks to all the contributors and PLEASE keep this great plugin alive!

Simple and light

By Alvaro Gois dos Santos (alvarogois) on January 19, 2021

Sure, it's not full of options, but it does it job and does it well, no bloat. When I need it, it just works. Thanks for sharing it and the continuous update.

Neither back button nor flick close photos

By Nate (goseongguy) on December 17, 2020

The only way to exit from viewing photos with this plugin on mobile is to tap the X on top right corner (inconvenient for mobile) or to tap outside the photo. If the user tries to flick to close the photo to see the page/post, he will not only discover it does not work, but he will have scrolled far from where he originally was. Then if he tries to exit using the back button, not only will the photo not close, but the browser will close entirely or go back to a previous page. I would keep this plugin if it allowed users to swipe to close, or allowed users to use the back button to close. At the very least, disable scrolling while viewing. I don't believe addressing the above would affect performance or make it less lightweight.

First lightbox plugin to work out of the box

By alex3410 on September 1, 2020

just been trying 5/6 different lightbox plugins, all of which failed to work and had 100's of options. tried this one after looking at featherlight Jquery and integrating it directly, this cropped up and I can happily report "it just works" Thank you

Great for a mix of Elementor lightbox and posts

By miarr0wporg on August 11, 2020

I have a mix of Elementor pages with their own lightbox and posts with single images, which still needed a lightbox. This plugin is exactly what I wanted. Just turn it off for Elementor pages and all other images open nicely in a lightbox. I tried other plugins first, and they caused conflicts with the built in Elementor lightbox.

If you care for pagespeed … this is for you!

By Stefan Kremer (stk_jj) (stk_jj) on July 10, 2020

Needed a lightbox for a project. Installed an other one first which had tons of (for me unnecessary) features and slowed down the page. Downloaded some more of the usual suspects from the repo and just compared them by size. Instead of almost 4 MB (the a.m. one) I came down to less than 200 kB. And it just does what it's supposed to do. Nothing more, nothing less. And the page flies … !

Just works

By (LizNix) on June 14, 2020

Thanks for making my life easier with a plugin that does exactly what I want right out of the box!

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