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WP Editor

WP Editor is a plugin for WordPress that replaces the default plugin and theme editors as well as the page/post editor.
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WP Editor is a plugin for WordPress that replaces the default plugin and theme editors as well as the page/post editor. Using integrations with CodeMirror and FancyBox to create a feature rich environment, WP Editor completely reworks the default WordPress file editing capabilities. Using Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) to retrieve files and folders, WP Editor sets a new standard for speed and reliability in a web-based editing atmosphere.

Benjamin Rojas  
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Doesn't work correctly

By danielle1526 on February 20, 2022

Was editing one file, opended a different file, updated that code and it updated and replaced the last file I was editing. Does not work right. Pain the but to restore that file.

Not Install this Plugin

By ermlau on May 2, 2019

This plugin corrupt my wordpress (v 5.0.4)

No longer maintained

By Dave Navarro, Jr. (dnavarrojr) on November 30, 2018

This is no longer maintained and it's not compatible with PHP 7

The only plugin works fine

By Andrews32 on October 4, 2018

I tried several plugins, but the WP-Editor is the only valid, ready to use and simple solution. It works on PHP5+. Thanks to author! Also, it works together with WP Bakery Visual Composer (no conflict)! === Единственный плагин для подсветки HTML-кода в редакторе, который работает как надо "из коробки". В том числе на PHP5 (некоторые требуют PHP7), и параллельно с WP Bakery Visual Composer (они не конфликтуют). И, в отличие от ещё одного плагина, здесь не создаётся ещё одна вкладка в дополение к двум (Визуально / Текст), а подсвечивается код именно во вкладке "Текст". То, что мне и нужно было!


By palombarda on August 28, 2018

It works perfectly. Thanks a lot.

Major Incompatibility with WPBakery Composer

By timelessthee on May 7, 2018

This plugin has major incompatibility issues with WPBakery Composer, causing changes made using the WPBakery Backend Editor not to be reflected in the Classic Editor (that this plugin affects). It would appear that this should not be the case, and this plugin should not affect the way the Classic/Text Editor traditionally posts data. But it does. So it doesn't work.

Great, works well

By Tribulant Software (contrid) on April 30, 2018

The plugin works well, better than the default plugin/theme editor. My only suggestion is that the editor area should be adjustable, it is not high enough.


By viewup on August 1, 2017

Great editor, just the visual could be updated (maybe fix fullscreen mode)...


By Tani (tanitan) on July 7, 2017

As a developer I really can't do without this plugin! Line numbering and colour coding tags are vast improvements to the default editor in WordPress.

Just what I was looking for

By pb52 (paulbarrett1952) on April 14, 2017

If you regularly need to use the standard Text Editor, use WP-Editor plugin instead. HTML is a new area for me. I have dabbled over the years but have only recently had to do any heavyweight work in it. I Just started using collapse-o-matic plugin to create help pages with collapsing sections. The problem I had was that while you can build your content in the Visual Editor you HAVE to finalise your content in HTML to remove spurious formatting put there by the Visual Editor. The standard text editor is really hard to use for that purpose. So I looked for a text editor that used line numbering to make it easier to follow the text. And then I found WP-Editor which provided line numbers and so much more. Syntax highlighting - WOW

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