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Manages your WordPress database.
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Allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database , drop/empty tables and run selected queries. Supports automatic scheduling of backing up, optimizing and repairing of database.

Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan  
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Best one for my particular needs, thanks!

By robaxxx on November 5, 2022

I use this along with a Windows program called Backup4All on my server to create regular backups of my WP instances to Amazon S3. It's also easy to do an instant db backup and then zip up the site folder with the db inside on the server if I'm doing something risky. I wanted something that was simple, affordable and logical and found this one best after testing many others. Thanks heaps!

This was one tool used to help me bring back my wp site

By jamesoutland on October 2, 2022

1st, I was able to target the files I wanted to clean. I would like to add just be careful what you remove. Then I was able to reinstall a program and it worked. Not sure the tecnical reasons why it worked but it did. Thank you!

it doesnt work

By ntalam on August 29, 2022

SELECT * FROM '.... returns me nothing

Version 2.80.7 works again

By nonick08 on July 19, 2022

From version 2.80.7 the menu is visible again without activated theme and plugin editor. old Since version 2.80.6 only works with activated theme and plugin editor.

Fantastic Plugin!

By Giri (girirajnet) on June 14, 2021

I have been using this plugin for years and its working fine so far. I'm wondering why it's not getting any updates?! It updated a year back, but it's supporting the recent version of WordPress 5.7.2 (soon 5.8), and it's working fine. My worry is due to compatibility issue it may give problem while restore, and it may be data risk. Hope the plugin author will update the plugin and make it compatible with current version of WordPress. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the author. Its really simple and easy backup restore and with a lot of options, especially no confusion in the settings. The plugin is worth more than 5 star. Thank You Giri

The best one

By CyberSEO on March 17, 2021

Using it for years. WP-DBManager is a real life saver.

Perferct! After WP update i had many database errors

By limone111 on August 4, 2020

Perfect working! THX 1. Repair DB 2. Optimize All erros are away

Almost perfect.

By Sicut Unum (sicutunum) on April 24, 2020

I Haven't been using it for very long, but so far every feature I've tested works well. My one critique would be that, restoring a previously saved database only overwrites (or puts back if missing) the tables you saved. It does not also remove tables added after the time of the save point. When I restore a database, unless otherwise noted, I want that database to look exactly the way it did when I saved it. This means if you make a save point, then add some new plugin that spams your DB with tables, then go to restore your database, you'll still have to manually hunt through your database and remove the tables left by the offending plugin. This is a pain and the reason why I installed WP-DBManager to begin with (my current backup plugin behaves similarly when dealing with db backups which sucks). Overall, works well and you shouldn't need to restore that often, so the extra work to ensure no extra garbage tables are lurking around in your db, shouldn't be to much of a problem. I wish there was an option for a full replacement of the saved database with the restore instead of its current behavior of writing over tables.

nice set of tools, ui could use some work

By werdpres on November 15, 2019

it's got the right set of tools for what i need to do, but i think splitting up optimize, repair and empty/drop over 3 pages is unnecessary - all this could be done on the main (Database) page if there were checkboxes added there

Great plugin! Seriously saved my butt

By Spoon Man (blackholesun94) on October 26, 2019

man, great plugin...saved my butt on more than one time

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